Moral question on talking about the faith to other people's kids

I tutor some kids in lower school (on math) and recently they’ve asked some questions about death, religion, and my beliefs. Mostly these questions have been uncontroversial, i know they are baptized catholic, but I also know their mom is not practicing and is very liberal and probably doesn’t believe a lot of what the church teaches. How far can I go with answering these questions. I’ve told some bible stories once and when they asked what happens when you die I gave a fairly vague answer, but I did mention “heaven on earth.” This death question came up when I told the girl, who bragged about steeling a banner, that she shouldn’t be proud of it and maybe should give it someone to repent. She asked if thats so she wouldn’t feel guilty and go to hell…then the question came.

thanks so much for you help
God bless

The Miserere: Prayer of Repentance

  1. Have mercy on me,God, in your goodness,
    in your abundant compassion, blot out my
  2. Wash away all my guilt;
    from my sin cleanse me…
  3. For I know my offense;
    my sin is always before me.
    6Against you alone I have sinned;
    I have done such evil in your sight,
    That you are just in your sentence,
    blameless when you condemn./
    7.True, I was born guilty,
    a sinner even as my mother conceived me.
  4. Still you insist on sincerity of
    in my inmost being teach me wisdom.
  5. Cleanse me with hyssop*, that I may
    be pure;wash me, make me whiter than snow,*
  6. Let me hear sounds of joy and gladness;
    let the bones you have crushed rejoice.
  7. Turn away your face from my sins;
    blot out my guilt,
  8. A clean heart create for me O God,
    renew in me a steadfast spirit.
    13 Do not drive me from your presence
    nor take from me your holy spirit./
  9. Restore my joy in your salvation;
    sustain me a willing spirit.
  10. I will teach the wicked your ways,
    that sinners return to you.
  11. Rescue me from death, God, my saving God,
    that my tongue may praise your healing
  12. Lord open my lips;
    my mouth will proclaim your praise.
  13. For you do not desire sacrifice,
    a burnt offering you would not accept.
  14. My sacrifice O Lord, is a broken spirit;
    God, do not spurn, a broken, humbled heart.
  15. Make Zion prosper in your good pleasure,
    rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.
  16. Then you will be pleased with proper
    burnt offerings and holocausts;
    then bullocks will be offered on your altar.

May God be with your students always, 1Catholic, and no they will not go to hell for the questions asked. Her leaniency toward the stealing of a banner should be offered as a sin to God, and forgiveness should be asked in her favour. Tell her that if she is repentant of sin and sins no more, God will look upon her with a forgiving heart.

Thank you so much :extrahappy:

If you felt able to, I know it requires courage, but perhaps we will ask the Holy Spirit to give you courage to find a way to speak to the children’s mother. That’s the respectful thing to do, to explain, and to ask permission…God bless you for your wonderful goodwill and efforts, and may the family be drawn into the Sacraments through this avenue.
Holy Spirit please grant it will be so.

My feelings exactly Trishie:)

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