Moral Question -The Ultimate Authority


Our Church allows that under certain extreme conditions, where someone may be at risk of serious injury or death from an agressor, the use of force is sanctioned.

I have always practised martial arts and feel confident enough to defend my family, friends and myself. I have, however (thank God) never had to defend anyone, or myself. I feel that martial arts has taught me discipline and respect for others as well as confidence.

When I have been in a position where a fight might occur, my mind automatically runs to the ultimate escalation of any arguement- physical violence. With this in mind, I am able to talk round, swallow my ego, walk away. Still, it remains that unfortunately & ultimately, in so many situations, it comes down to who is the best fighter. This can be seen in human society from school playgrounds to internatonal politics.

When is it right to use might? Does everything come down to violence ultimately? What are the alternatives?


The alternatives are those you already stated you use in situations - seek a non-violent way out of the situation. However, it must be remembered that you may encounter a situation where your willingness to peacefully end a potential conflict will not work because the others in the situation actually desire the conflict and will continue to press until it is achieved. In those cases, you will not be able to peacefully leave and have the right - and even the obligation - to protect yourself and others from harm (even if it means that harm will come to the agressor to do so). This is true of individuals and societies.


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