moral question

i have a property and, a hydroponic store wants to rent a space in my shopping center. is there a moral problem?

thank you

You have not provided enough information to answer the question. What, if anything, is wrong with what the hydoponic store wants to use the space for?

he sells lighting equipment, hoods, tents, nutrients, food and other gardening supplies but no items that would be considered controversial.some of the products could be used to grow may be marijuana.

No moral problem. He’s not selling marijuana and one can’t help what people do with things they buy.

Many hydroponic stores are used by agriculturists and scientists. If it were furthering a “Pot” agenda I would have reservations but honestly a hydroponic store is used by many legitimate and important businesses.

Can’t people buy products to grow marijuana at Home Depot or Lowes? You know, potting soil, flower pots/containers, etc.

I don’t see a moral issue with selling materials for gardening.

thank you

Good luck with your shopping center!~
Hope it works well.

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