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i posted this earlier,but i need more clarification.
I have a property and, a hydroponic store wants to rent a space in my shopping center. Is there a moral problem? He sells lighting equipment, hoods, tents, nutrients, food and other gardening products. I talked to him and he said 70-80% of his business would be catering to marijuana growers, but he said they have to present a card to show it is used for May be medical reasons, but if somebody came to him and he said he is growing tomatoes he could sell it to him without asking for the card. The question is it moral for me to rent this place to him.

thank you

As far as I know there is no moral prohibition to growing weed or even smoking it for that matter(I do not condone this and I personally think it is a stupid thing to do). You might make sure you would not be duplicitous in a criminal enterprise especially if you know this persons real intentions. I would suggest this, if your conscious is bothering you don’t do it.

It is legal in michigan.

I would use hydroponics for tomatoes. Medical Marijuana approval is BEYOND easy to get. If someone wants it, they’d do it “medically”

A lot of people use hydroponics for completely legitimate food growing. I love the idea of it and wish I had more room to actually do it.

There is nothing wrong with it.

Marijuana can be grown in dirt as well, what if it was a regular gardening store? Would you have the same qualms?

My husband bought me hydroponic equipment to grow herbs inside during the winter. Hydroponic equipment is (a) legal and (b) morally neutral.

What people do with it is not your issue to be concerned about.

Funny, I always read your name as Ike, I assumed you were male :wink:

Good answer.

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