moral question

i am thinking of buying a 7-11 property for an income.a lot of these 7-11 stores sell play boy an hustler magazines. is there a moral problem in buying the ground lease?7-11 would be paying me monthly rent,i am not involved in the store.

If you are buying the property then you own that property. You are responsible for what type of business you allow to operate on that property. You are making the choice to rent that property to a business that sells pornography, and collecting partial revenue from those sales. That would be morally wrong. I would think of it like purchasing a land lease for an abortion clinic. That’s an extreme example but I think the principle still applies.

Perhaps you could find a different business that would not sell morally wrong things.

If you do decide to become the proprietor and owner of that franchise I would highly advise you to abstain and not permit the sale of anything that jeopardizes another human beings health and moral welfare. You have the right to conduct your business appropriations as you see fit.

Here are a few things I would omit from your shelves.

magazines or material that elicit idolatry or offensive principles
tobacco products or addictive substances
Food that is harmful to the condition of the human body.

We all have the capacity to make changes to our self and also elicit healthy and morally productive changes in others with love. By selling corruptive services and goods you become the corruptor, and this is not how any person should “walk”.

Praise be to GOD the heavenly father and his son lord JESUS CHRIST forever>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

There’s a big difference between pornography and tobacco/unhealthy food. There is no moderate amount of the former, but even the Catechism of the Catholic Church will acknowledge that tobacco products and alcohol can be used in moderation–paragraph 2290 does not forbid their use, but cautions against their abuse. We must not attempt to equate a lawful pleasure with an unlawful one where even the Church does not.


So… that eliminates a lot, what is he going to sell?

Bibles. And carrot sticks. :stuck_out_tongue:


i have no part in any ownership of the the 7-11 store.i am going to own only the land lease

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