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i have 4 children, the oldest are 19 and almost 18 years old, i tell them as long as they are living in home they have to come to church every sunday. also we have a prayer time in the eveninig, they have to pray even if they do not feel like.Am i imposing my faith on them.



Probably you are…but is that a bad thing?

It seems reasonable to me that if your children are living at home they must adhere to your rules. And secondly, giving the gift of faith to your children is one of the greatest gifts you can give.


I don’t think that is that bad. My mother did that, and I didn’t like it is, mainly because she was wanting me to miss mass and go to her Unity or Christian Science Church. But since you are trying to pray with them and help them, I don’t see a problem. It is one of the greatest things you can give them before they impart to college or out on their own.


You have an obligation to raise your children in the faith. It sounds to me like you are doing a good job of that. Keep it up, and good luck!


louie - keep on keeping on…

The reason for the shepherd’s rod and staff is to show the lambs which direction the good grass to feed on is. Sometimes - you gotta prod them along.

Are you forcing your faith on them? Haven’t they been going to church with you since they were wee little ones? They know it’s expected and it should be no surprise to them by now. Out of respect alone they should be able to give an hour on a Sunday to the good of the family and it is absolutely your job to do everything you can to help their souls along their faith journey.

Would you not feed them food for nourishment?
Don’t allow them to deny themselves the Bread of Life?

Once the move out…well all you can do is pray you have set the path and they continue to follow. Good luck.


Let’s see here…

Are these children paying rent? Are they paying for food? Are they paying utilities? If not, then I think your “rules” are EXTREMELY REASONABLE. As legal adults, they have the right to live on their own, but they have chosen to pass the burden of providing for their livelihood onto you. As such, you are entitled to something in return for this GRACIOUS PROVISION on your part. I know, they are your kids and you feel you should provide for them, but they are your GROWN-UP “kids”, and things are different now.

Don’t change a thing you are doing.


I agree with the others. But the one thing I would add is just don’t make them go, teach them the faith. Explain why it is true and why it is important to you. I didn’t get that part from my parents, and I was very unobservant for ~15 years before coming back.

God Bless


I envy you. I wish I had done that. Congratulations on not taking the easy way out. God bless you.


You read my mind. I see nothing wrong. It is your house, your rules. Their ages do not change anything at all.


Your house, your rules.

I think you are doing well by them and yourself. Congrats.


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