moral question


i am in the elecrical supply house business,one of my contractors wants to bid on a job, for a gogo bar, would this be, cooperting with evil if i bid the job for him? the contractor told me that i am dealing with him not the bar owner.



I can’t see anything wrong with bidding for your contractor in this case unless it’s a strip joint or brothel. Besides, why can’t the contractor do his own bidding?


it could be a strip joint i am not sure. i am not biding the job,he wants to buy the electrical supplies from me, so he needs prices on the electrical supplies(to install in the bar).


Oh, I see. Sorry for the confusion. I can’t see anything wrong with giving him your prices. If Catholics only sold to those we think deserve it we’d soon be out of business.

You have no direct involvement in whatever activities will take place in the establishment. You’re only selling electrical supplies to a contractor, not funding the place.

Still, if you don’t want any part of this project, simply tell the contractor so or bid too high for him to buy from you. It’s really up to you to decide.


thanks for your help.


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