Moral show, immoral website?

One of my favorite TV shows, King of the Hill, always has a moral message in every episode, sometimes being a Christian issue (though the Hill family is Methodist, but Christian nonetheless).

However, the only place I can legally watch episodes of it online is adult swim’s website, which has VERY immoral shows (Family Guy, the Boondocks, Moral Orel). So my question is:should I still watch King of the Hill on, or just watch it live? I don’t want to promote something that is harmful to the Christian faith.

Perhaps by using the site only to view a show that has a more moral message will drive up that show’s internet hits and maybe slightly give it more interest and thus promote the only good in a sea of bad?

That’s the only thing I use it for, because I can’t stand all the immorality on any other adult swim show.

take the high road and record the show if you are unable to watch it live.

it is not always easy being a child of God. sometimes sacrifices are necessary.

i encourage you to avoid any type of support for a bad website. good luck and God Bless.

My parents always have the TV and the TiVo is always clogged with their shows (oh, modern-day technology…) Any website suggestions that don’t require me to buy Netflix or any of that junk?

Ever hear the saying, “Everything is dirty”?

Look, you’re watching the show on the internet, and the internet has pornography. You are using a computer, most of which was probably made in a country that violates religious freedom. And you’re doing it while wearing clothes that were probably made in sweatshops.

Where are you going to draw the line?

Given the placement of the product, I would be concerned that there is something more subtle that undermines any type of moral message you perceive there.

I certainly do not want to submit to a ‘guilt by association’ mentality, but you do have to wonder why the associations are there.

That’s true. If we only used products exclusively from righteous people, we would have to live out in the woods. And I did find a website that only shows King of the Hill episodes, so I guess my problem is solved :slight_smile:

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