Moral teachings from Tradition

When we consider the right path when facing a moral situation, as Catholics we draw on various sources for moral wisdom and direction, most notably Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium. But are their any moral teachings that are not explicitly in scripture but were handed down orally? In other words, are there any moral teachings that come down to us via Tradition?

I know that there is a prohibition against abortion in the Didache (c. 95) which has been consistently taught ever since. Are there are any other examples from Tradition of moral teachings?

It is a mistake to think that the Didache was the first Christian condemnation of abortion. The deliberate abortion of unborn children was forbidden in Judaism and early Christianity before the Didache.

Cicero and his “De Officiis” was greatly admired by the early Church fathers.

He also wrote against abortions, and this was before Christ.

Thanks for replies so far.

So let me rephrase the question: are there *any *moral teaching that are from Tradition (but not explicitly in Scripture) that you know of.

One that I seem to have come across was described in the encyclopedia, on the subject of gambling.

It was considered to be forbidden in a document that I recall as the tractates of the apostles, or something like that. Gambling was forbidden up to and through the time of the council of Trent, but then somebody lobbied the church to allow gambling, and some theologians apparently pencil-whipped the subject so that bishops could allow gambling in their dioceses on a case by case basis. You know the rest of the story. Today, lots of K of C organizations have “Vegas nights” etc.

There are lots of game of chance at “parish festivals.” --not to mention charity bingos and card parties.

Hmm, that is interesting, since (as far as I know) there is nothing in Scripture explicitly prohibiting gambling. But I’m going to have to mull this one over…I mean, if it’s moral teaching from Tradition (as you say), then it sure has undergone quite a bit of development. (I doubt bingo would have been allowed in the first few centuries)

So therefore there are no moral teachings from Sacred Tradition?

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