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I need some help. I live in a diocese that is not noted for it’s orthodoxy, and finding recommendations for books on moral theology has proven to be difficult at best. One of the most famous “dissenting” theologians is actually a “priest in good standing” from my diocese.
The one graduate level course I took at my diocese’s school of theology & ministry, that had somewhat of a moral theology component, used said priest’s wrtings as some of the required readings, along with many others who had similar ideas.

So, I know who to stay away from! :wink:
My question is, who are some of the more orthodox moral theologians that I should be looking to, so that I can get a better balance to my education on this subject?

Posting on this thread…would like to see what replies the OP receives.

Isn’t it sad we are placed in such a predicament?

In order of increasing depth and difficulty, I would recommend:
*]An Introduction to Moral Theology by Fr. William E. May
*]The Sources of Christian Ethics by Servais Pinckaers
*]Introduction to Moral Theology by Romanus Cessario

May’s book is a thorough but non-technical introduction, while Pinckaers offers a historical overview of the development of moral theology and Cessario offers an extremely detailed account of St. Thomas’s moral theology.

If none of these books strike your fancy, Germain Grisez’s The Way of the Lord Jesus is available online for free. Be warned: it’s a bit long.

Thank you so much, chrysostim83! :smiley:
You have given me something to start with,
I was starting to give up any hope!

From the Midwest Theological Forum. Fr. Armenio

See sample here, including table of contents.

Very approachable but very thorough, and sound

Morality: The Catholic View, by Servais Pinckaers

In addition to the above suggestions, I’ve heard good things about Germain Grisez’s three volume The Way of the Lord Jesus.

Now I’m looking more and more at my own recommendation here. The website has the full text of the series! Volume 3 is dedicated to “Difficult Moral Questions” and Grisez answers 200 of them! In perusing through them, I see many questions I have seen here on CAF before. I’ll have to remember to go back to this site often. :slight_smile:

Note that the former is a condensed/abridged version of the latter. For learning about moral theology at the level of an introductory undergraduate class, Morality: The Catholic View is your best bet. For something more suitable to the level of a graduate class (or possibly an upper division undergraduate class), The Sources of Christian Ethics would be the better choice.

Both are excellent at their applicable level of study.

Here is a review of the second by New Oxford Review:

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