Morality and gender identity

Does anyone know if the Catholic Church has any formal moral teaching about gender indentification, clothing, appearance etc. For instance, would it be considered immoral for a man to try to look like a woman or a woman like a man? I know there is at least one verse in the Bible forbidding one to wear the clothing of the opposite sex but I can’t remember the exact citation. It seems strange to me that all the official Church literature on homosexuality only focuses on what people do with their genitals and never addresses the broader issues about gender in general, nor does anyone ever mention the realities of hermaphroditism, intersexuality, etc. … not everyone is born male or female, not everyone develops genitals … there are all different kinds of genetic and developmental disorders that effect genitals, gender identification, and secondary sexual characteristics. For instance, some people are born with only one sex chromosome, such as X0, others are born with chromosomes like XXY. Genetic defects can result in all kinds of genital anomalies, and it would be impossible to say what sex God intended such people to be. Given the realties of our imperfect sexual biology,
what are the moral obligations in regard to gender identification?

Well I’m no expert on this, and it is a very hard question for any one to answer I think.
But, it sounds like you’ve read up on theology of the body and other articles. I would say the answer is rite there. For part of your question, cross dressing is wrong because it rejects the idea or reality of who God made you. If God made you a man, who are you to say no to Him who is all powerful? Same go’s for women on the other end of the spectrum. So yes it would be immoral for a man or a woman to try and look like the other.

And for the other part of your question. EVERY ONE IS CREATED MALE AND FEMALE.
Satan seeks to mar Gods creation, so no matter what they look like, they are either male or female, there is no other choice. Now with that answer the question arises of: “Ok so what are they and how do we tell?”. My answer to that: I don’t know. Maybe you could right a letter to the bishop and ask him.

So there it is. The first part of my answer I know is in line with church teaching since it’s based off of the Theology of the body.
The second part I would not take my word for. It was my best try at answering your question.

If any one else knows more about the subject than maybe they can give you a better answer.

There are only two sexes – Genesis: God made them male and female.
One’s identity includes a sex even if no one can tell what it is for certain.
For this reason, a man can’t become a woman or vice versa.
Surgical manipulation doesn’t cut the soul; chromasomes don’t make a third sex.

This is the teaching that is from John Paul II – although not de-fide as far as I know; it is none the less the active principle that Catholic priests use in determining who can marry whom, etc.

Would you have more information on that teaching? Its title or perhaps a link which references it?

This is a topic one does not see often. It’s so easy to say (as the Church hierarchy often does) that it’s simply a matter of black-and-white: namely, quote the Bible, “God made them male and female.” To use that as an answer to a query about gender identification seems unreasonable to me. For openers, the author of Genesis had no idea about the very concept of gender ID as we have today. For him, I think it would be just a matter of “looking”: male or female. I think we know today that there is a “psychic” or psychological basis for gender that does not always follow the physical, and that aspect of sexuality is not broached in the Scriptures. I have not read that the hierarchy of the Church has seriously considered that either. I think that there are many elements in the knowledge of human sexuality that the teachers in the Church have not considered or which have not been considered as completely as they might. So it seems to me that the height of hiding one’s head in the sand is just to quote a text of Scripture and say that answers the question.

The same is true, IMO, when it comes to sexual orientation. Most constitutively homosexual persons would agree, as far as I know, that their sexual orientation is not a choice - but, then, isn’t that true of heterosexual persons? If that is the case and it is not a matter of choice, is it not possible to say that gay people are what God has made them to be? Or, in other words, couldn’t it be that God has created more than just heterosexual persons? Maybe we are only now discovering that, like the tiniest quarks and gluons or the incredible distances of space, there is more to God’s creation than that which meets the eye and/or is recognized by that bit of traditional knowledge or presumption.

So, then, one wonders: if God creates persons who are constitutively homosexual who have the same inborn need for love and intimacy, must they reject that human desire and live their lives alone? If one’s gender-psychology does not match his/her physical body, must one remain in that state of confusion? And aside from all those deep considerations: if a man just enjoys dressing like a woman, is that really sinful? If Joe dresses as Josephine, does God really condemn him for that? “Male and female He made them.” Yes. But He didn’t create them clothed!

All Christians are called to modesty in dress and behavior. Modesty includes dressing and acting in a way that does not draw undue attention to oneself.

I’m not going to argue any moral implications on gender identity, because I (“completely support and understand”) the Catholic Church’s position on this 100%.

However; that being said and in no way to diminish what I just said.
I am sometimes puzzlled as to certain irregularities seen in biological nature that offset the norm.

Example: Hermaphrodytes or (“Intersexed”) born both Male and Female.

There are also Eunuchs both Male and Female. With a boy or man being castrated usually due to rape or accident. In girls or women usually through barbaric rape having their ovaries cut out by force or surgically removed in places like China and Cambodia to keep their women docile slaves. What becomes of a Eunuch gender identity although they may have the appearance of being male or female.

I can only say that I am a Eunuch by a barbaric gang-rape at gunpoint.
And though I may prefer the friendship company of a woman, and have the outward appearance of a man. My gender identity inside is dispised because I would call myself neither male or female. Essentially I’m an IT. Sex has no appeal to me.

However; that does not mean that the Morality of Sexual Ethics as upheld by the Catholic Church doesn’t take precedent in my life. It is upheld to the letter of Church Law and the Ten Commandments for which I have a great appreciation for.

In Pope John Paul II (“Theology of the Body”) he touches base with a very enriching profound subject that is directed at the Clergy, Married Couples and those who lead a Single Life in the Church.

On Pages 262 through 303 (“Virginity For Sake Of The Kingdom Of God”)
After Jesus addressed the Question of Divorce
In Matthew Chapter 19: verse 10
Whereby in some cases it is not expediant to marry.
Christ gave the following reply; (“Not all men can recieve the precept, but (“only”) those to whom it has been given. (“by the Holy Spirit”).
For there are Eunuchs who have been so from birth.- (“no testicles from birth”)
And there are Eunuchs who have been made Eunuchs by men (”'castrated by men")
And there are Eunuchs who have made themselves Eunuchs (“for the Sake of the Kingdom of God”)- (“celibacy”) And Jesus went onto say; He who is able to recieve this. let him recieve this, (“accept and understand”), even it be a suffering Cross to bear through mortification of the human senses.

As for myself; I am one Who was made a Eunuch by men. forcibly (“castrated by men”).
My job; (“All psychological mental pain aside”) is to accept this regardless of my personal feelings. I must become a Eunuch (“for the Sake of Gods Kingdom”)

It goes the same for Homosexuals, Transexuals, and Hermaphrodites.
Some of these who have had missing sexual organs or their hormones inbalanced since birth. Regardless of personal feelings they too must become a Eunuch (“for the sake of Gods Kingdom”) Let him or her who is able to recieve this.- (“Accept and Understand”).

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