Morality as Hotel Front Desk Clerk

Hello everyone. I work as a hotel front desk clerk where I regularly check people in and out of the hotel, among many other things. Is it a sin to check a homosexual couple in to a room? I know no one cannot know for sure if a couple is in a homosexual relationship, but when two men or women share the last name it is hard not to think that.

Use charity and don’t be presumptuous. I have used hotel rooms with my sister. I have traveled with business associates of the same sex. What about people who use it as a no tel motel place to cheat?

None of your business.

No, and why would it be?

You job is to do the paperwork involved to give a customer access to a service, not question the state of their souls.

Would you think you were sinning if you helped a couple with different last names?

And why would you assume that 2 woman/men with the same last name would be homosexuals? I travel with my sister in law occasionally, we share the same last name.:shrug:

I have had men and woman hold and hands, and men and women that are open about being homosexuals.

I don’t think it is a sin. If it is bothering you try finding another job. If you like the job, keep it:)

It’s an opportunity for prayer rather than judgment.

Who is to say they are not just friends? They could be gay and friends not in a relationship. Not selling a cake is one thing, refusing shelter on a hunch is another.
I think the post that spoke of a prayer opportunity has it right.

I don’t think it’s a sin for you but that it’s a sin for them.

Cooperation in other’s sinful behavior can certainly be a sin, I don’t know why everyone is so shy about this fact. Whether you sin or not is in the details of a specific situation. It is likely that in most situations you don’t have enough information to make such a decision. They certainly deserve the benefit of the doubt.

you are there to do a job if you don’t like that job then find a different job

To turn them away might cause you to be fired because that would be considered descrimination and against whatever hotel chain you are working for. I am assuming this is a temporary job so if it bothers you that much, try to find a new one.

Your job is to check them in. You don’t actually know who they are, how they are related, or what they may do about that while they are at the hotel. I don’t see a problem.

About the men and women holding hands----they could be married even if they do not share the same last name. Some couples choose not to change their last name. Newlyweds may not have name changes or documentation of name changes for months if not more.

So what? You are paid to check people into their rooms; what happens after that is no one’s business. How do you know that after checking a single man, he will not engage the services of a prostitute? That is also no one’s business.

OT your business lest you:
Pass judgement
Bear false witness.

Of course you may perform services for the guests at your hotel. That is your job. You have no other choice. Jesus ate with sinners, and he would not mind if you handed these people their room keys. Just do your job, and mind your own business.

While I understand the concern you have over cooperation in sin I do not think the situations you are speaking of qualifies as that at all. Shelter is a basic human right. It is wrong to deny shelter to others simply because they are sinners. If the people in question are in fact planning on sinning against chastity they will do so wherever they end up staying, are we supposed to kick them out onto the street just because we suspect (even if we have strong suspicions) that they sin against chastity? All you are doing is helping to provide a basic human right, shelter, to others. That is not sinful. Now, if you were congratulating same-sex couples on their relationship, or encouraging it that would be one thing, but if all you are doing is providing them shelter then I honestly do not see how that could be an issue.

Short and sweet…

No it is not a sin to properly perform the task that you agreed to do when you took the job.

As another person said, if this gives you deep moral qualms…then you may need to look for a different job.


You’re checking them into a room, not condoning their behavior. They have a right to check into a hotel/motel room and a right to privacy. I suppose if you worked at a hotel that explicitly catered to gay weddings it might be a different story, but they are just guests as any other and nobody is being forced into any kind of situation.

Goodness. If you are to worry about that, then you’ll have to start checking marriage licenses of every heterosexual couple that checks in. I’m sure you are checking in unmarried couples–or married, but not to each other–all the time.
And these couples have sex in the hotel rooms.


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