Morality Catechism CCC 405,418 vs CCC2347

My church that CCC 2347 is negated by CCC 405,408. Basically that everyone in that place desires sinful action towards their neighbor, and between women and men as friends. I was pressured out of my lay bible study group because I was the only may there and could not enter church with others or sit among them. i do not believe that people should be so cold against others.

inclination toward sin and evil is called “concupiscence” (CCC 405, 418

**[2347 ** The virtue of chastity blossoms in friendship . It shows the disciple how to follow and imitate him who has chosen us as his friends,134 who has given himself totally to us and allows us to participate in his divine estate. Chastity is a promise of immortality.


Those two bits of the chatecism aren’t related. Could you explain more? Your post doesn’t really make any sense.

Are you saying that you felt you couldn’t remain because you were the only man in the group? Did you accidentally attend a women’s Bible Study group? If so, there is likely a men’s Bible Study group you could get involved with.


I’d not want to be in a group where everyone desired sinful actions.

If it is a women’s group, then, no men allowed.

Perhaps you can start a men’s group, or a mixed gender group.


We have a Bible Study Program in our Diocese with MANY MANY groups in MANY MANY parishes in this state, other states and even other countries. It was developed by a Priest RIGHT HERE IN south Louisiana over 40 years ago and it’s still going strong and growing by leaps and bounds. They are mixed groups. Our group just happens to be 4-5 women who meet on a weekly basis. It’s not that we would exclude a man if he wanted to attend our particular group but it would change the dynamics and many of the personal things we discuss in relation to our Catholic Faith. We can share things with each other as women that we would not feel comfortable sharing with a man in the group. We feel comfortable talking about ourselves, our families in relation to the Catholic Church and the Catholic Faith and the Bible. Many of the other groups have members of both genders.


If there is any interest in it PM me and I will give you the website and you can go from there to see if you can implement it in your Diocese, Parish, State. It was a bit of a learning curve to get started but I’ve been in it for a few years now and have learned so much and want to continue learning about Holy Scripture. When I started I was ONLY going t attend for Lent as a bit of an “offering, Penance”. I had NO plans to continue after that. Well that was years ago and I’m still going and hope to as long as I can. Some people have actually been in groups for 20-30 or close to 40 years.

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Your post doesn’t make any sense. Please clarify what your question is.

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It seems that relationship(s) with female members of @davleemye 's parish have been a point of contention for awhile now.

I wonder if there is a language or cultural obstacle?


It is a posted adoration lay prayer group on the door. All are welcome including non Catholics, so it says.
Music, singing, Rosary. Fellowship after.

The question was concupiscence CCC415 vs CCC2347:

Chastity is expressed notably in friendship with one’s neighbor. Whether it develops between persons of the same or opposite sex, friendship represents a great good for all. It leads to spiritual communion. CCC 2347.

One says man is affected by original sin including sexual desires.

The other says men and women can be Christian friends.

I was pressured to leave, go someplace else.

There for the wrong reasons. The reason I was there was because my neighbor invited me. She was told the mentoring of me was wrong.

It was posted on the door as open to both men and women and non Catholics.

I am Interested in the catholic faith and baptism.


Are you a non Catholic looking to convert. And did your kindly neighbour invite you along to help with this process

Has there been talk of an inappropriate or non chaste relationship between you and your neighbour within this group?

why and how were you pressured to leave?

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PLEASE TAKE THIS TO THE PRIEST THERE. If this happened as you say he needs to know about this because possibly somebody is overstepping their bounds and not being Christian in dealing with you. Father is the one to settle this. The sign was clear they should not kick anyone out unless they were being disrespectful, causing a disturbance or interrupting what was going on. Don’t go through the people there go directly to Father. He is in charge of the Parish and he is responsible for what goes on there.Call the Parish office and set up an appointment with HIM!


I’m sorry you experienced that, but I wouldn’t let it deter you. Speak to the priest or the parish office, and they’ll be able to help you find a group you can work with.

If you’re not Catholic yet, you probably want to get into the RCIA program. That’s going to be the best way for you to learn about what the church teaches.

I did speak to the priest. I enjoyed perpetual adoration and that was the only one here.

Because I spoke to the priest, several are shunning me, and more have received a mailing this guy sent out. He’s a speaker at young people’s events. My neighbor is mad at me. My desire is to repair the damage.

Sunday’s I must attend a evangelical church, and my family does not want me going to a Catholic Church. I am a caregiver full time. I want a catholic baptism because it is very beautiful and meaningful. In short I am a secret catholic, but would love to receive the Eucharist someday too. RCIA is very long. I do know all those things already.

If this is true then perhaps you should seek out another parish in your area. If that is not an option then, quite frankly, who gives a crap what those people are doing? If they are shunning you for trying to join the Church then I’m sure God will have some pretty choice words for them at their judgment. Go to mass, go to RCIA, and ignore them. They only have power over you if you let them.

From the rest of your post, it sounds like you are an adult. So, again, I have to say, who cares what they think? They are trying to keep you from entering the fullness of Truth. If you must, go to their service and then attend a Catholic mass later.

Remember, what people think of you, what they say to you, what they do to you, none of it matters. What matters is that you move closer to God. Those people can’t save you, only God has that power.


I 100% agree. It takes a lot of courage. I am new as I have never been churched. I am a senior citizen. You are right.

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A. I desired to learn and eventual Baptism. That is important. Fellowship and new friends.
I am simply a man who accepted Jesus from a radio program long ago. I was just 17 back then. I love The Lord. My neighbor taught me the Rosary as we would walk our dogs occasionally. It’s from the Bible, I like it. She is very dedicated to her faith. My family likes the lady and we support her charity. I am retired! I am a stroke victim.

Yes, that was my neighbors intention.

B. Yes. My neighbor told the guy running the group I would be attending. He asked her; How do you know this man? She told him that she was mentoring me. Praying the Rosary. This man said a single woman like her can not mentor a married man.

C: I am very Bible studied. I have studied the Catholic faith on line. I love the presence of the flesh and blood of Jesus in the Eucharist. I am very chaste all my life. Adoration chapel is so rewarding.

D: Neighbors 20 + years, there has never been talk of non chaste relationship. We are never alone ever. Never in a car, out to eat or anything. There are others who walk for exercise. I have to walk for my health and well being. I went there in my own car.

Read CCC 2347. It is simply a God approved friendship. It’s in your catechism.

There was no direct accusations. The guy only. Because of mans desire to sin and me probably not being Catholic. Who knows. Opus Dei required absolute obedience to the leader. Aspects of spiritual abuse exists here too.

E. My experience there follows. Day one: your neighbor can’t mentor you anymore…

Day Two: You can not walk with each other anytime.

Six months later: Cant enter together or sit nearby an elderly lady who was friendly.

Should attend another time period alone. Jesus alone suffices. Accused of being there for the wrong reasons. He says all is Gods will.

Currently: shunning.

I was always quiet, peaceful, respectful. Worked very hard to learn the prayers, novenas, and song materials.

God Bless, Thank you. I quit church altogether. I pray and trust God will open that door back up.

Please, please read the following from pope Francis. It will clear my intention up. It is a good read of how churches should treat people:

Another site with the same bulletin.

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There is a ton to unpack here. Why are you submitting yourself to this mans authority. This man is not clergy or Opus Dei.
Have you spoken to a Catholic Priest and enrolled in RCIA?

What is your wife’s intention, does she wish to become Catholic too?


I left the church and rarely attend church anywhere. Watch Church on TV.

I don’t feel I submitted to his authority.

Talked to the priest at that time. Various people from other churches use the admiration chapel. Don’t know the result as to if he’s still there. He has not been active on YouTube recently. My neighbor and others shun me.

My wife was always against me trying to obtain baptism in a Catholic Church. Instead I had attended the adoration chapel because my neighbor invited me there. I always felt a tendency to investigate the catholic faith.

I desire to attend adoration chapel, feel included there, and enjoy the singing and prayers and readings. This admonishment at the front door was unexpected and was unprovoked in any way.

You mean Adoration Chapel. We don’t admire Our Lord we ADORE Him.

I still don’t t see why anybody even approached you about being there and spoke to you and made themselves the police of that Chapel. As long as you are following the rules, not disturbing anyone who is there praying, not making any negative remarks or acts while there, and being there for the right purpose and being respectful then there should be no problem. Pray and go and just talk to the Priest.

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