Morality - Human Fetus used in classroom


What are the moral implications of using a human fetus for educational purposes?

I have tried looking in church documents but found nothing specifically saying it is immoral.

Any help appreciated.


If it is obtained through licit measures (the result of natural death, not abortion), then I imagine it would fall under the same reasoning that allows us to donate our bodies to science when we die. As long as the child’s body is shown respect during study and given a proper burial afterwards, then there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it.


Human remains can be used for educational purposes, such as teaching anatomy to medical students. Proper respect must be shown for the remains.


I think I substantially agree with the previous two posters, but I do wonder if anything changes since an unborn child cannot give consent. I think it would be okay if the parents of the child gave consent.


I guess if it is for a medical school it should be okay as long as it is treated with respect. I don’t know if there are any rules about this.


Would this be used to teach how to perform an abortion by dismembering the child?
How would the fetuses be obtained?
How many fetuses would be needed per session?
Is there a local business that could supply the fetuses as needed?

It is always good to ask probative questions when the moral purpose is not explicitly clear.


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