Morality is not Relative

Over the past few decades, many Christians have been slowly changing their beliefs on morality. Some have rejected any change, believing that God’s morality is unchangeable and timeless. The recent Catholic synod is an example of the schism that has taken place throughout Christianity. Slightly more than half the bishops and cardinals voted to “modernize” Catholic teaching on the morality of same sex partners who have an intimate relationship. Slightly less than half of them voted against the proposal.

We all believe that there is no new revelation after God’s word contained in the Holy Bible. Therefore God’s morality can never and will never change. So why are many Christians embracing this new “modern” morality that in essence is telling God that either we don’t care about His morality or we want Him to change His morality to suit our desires?

We all very much don’t want to think that the enemy of God and man is influencing our beliefs; but, I believe, this is what is happening. Regardless of all the rationalizations, based on twisted and deformed thinking, that is and will be presented to justify the acceptance of sin, the fundamental truth of God’s morality will remain as it always has been; even be it in the hearts of a remnant church.

We all need to evaluate our moral beliefs; judging them to be in union with God or not. If you chose to believe in a morality that isn’t what God gave to us in the Holy Bible, then you must realize that you are willfully separating yourself from God; and therefore will reap what you have sown. We must be very careful in rewriting our moral teachings so they are not misinterpreted. We all need to convict ourselves of our sin, confess, and ask Jesus for His Merciful forgiveness. For those who refuse to do this, they are denying Christ’s gift to us on the Cross. Known truth cannot be added to or changed in any way. God’s Truth is perfect.

Regarding the Bishops’ votes - I recall that during the Arian Heresy something like 90% of the Eastern Bishops, and a large majority of the Western Bishops supported it. The lone “major” figure who opposed it was the Pope. In the end, the heresy was exposed for what it was. (For those who know more about the exact figures, please feel free to correct me). So all is not lost.

I think the bottom line for us “sheep” is:

  1. Pray for the Pope and Bishops to be good shepherds.
  2. Pray for the sheep to be good sheep.
  3. Pray for the sheep to properly discern the good shepherds from the bad shepherds, and follow the call of the good shepherds.

We are a far way from a schism but it’s easy to see how it could happen - I agree with you that we need much prayer for our Pope, Bishops, Cardinals, and Priests to help them see that humanity needs to change it’s morality to come in line with God’s truth and not the other way around - which by the way is one of satan’s favorite tricks - turning things inside out and front to back.

I don’t think it’s so much “modernize” our teachings that’s the issue - the issue is, and always will be, “How do we help people living in adulterous relationships or otherwise not in accordance with the teachings of the Church realize that God, and the Church, still love them?” It’s a tricky balance - upholding the teachings of the Church yet having compassion enough to realize that simply calling out their sins will drive them away. We need not change our teachings (which are unchangable), but we do need to put a bigger emphasis on God’s mercy and love - which Pope Francis has been doing spectacularly. God’s justice is always there - and Pope Francis often talks about the devil and Hell - but the fact of the matter is that God loves us in spite of our sins.

The tricky part when dealing with homosexuality is that most people engaged in homosexual behavior consider homosexuality to be an intrisic part of who they are.

Well said.

The way, I think, to help them is to pray for them.They have confession available to them just as any other sinner. Why do we need to single out a certain group and focus on their need for help? How do we help those that commit this sin or that sin? The help is there for those who want it.

I agree that the help is there… but, when it comes to sexual sins, our culture is so diametrically opposed to the teachings of the Church that, when it comes to sexual sins, the consciences of people are conditioned to thinking that they’re not committing any sin at all. Seriously.

The vast majority of Catholic women (some studies have claimed up to 99%) use artificial contraception, usually with the tacit approval, if not outright encouragement, by their spouses. The Church teaches that artificial contraception is an intrisic evil, and the use of it is gravely sinful. Divorce rates are through the roof, and divorcees often remarry outside of the Church - often not realizing that they might be able to receive a decree of nullity for their previous marriage, or not caring to do so. Many people see no difference between the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, a civil marriage, or even a common-law situation (living together as husband and wife when not married). And with the misunderstanding of what love and marriage really are (most especially conjugal love), a large group of people sees no reason why two homosexual men or two homosexual women cannot marry each other.

These things go beyond simply preaching the Church’s Truths. Why? Because preaching the Church’s Truths on sexual matters the wrong way can cause people to be driven away from Jesus’s Church - into the arms of non-denominational “churches” that make people think that their sexual sins are okay with God, permanently endangering their souls. We have the Truth in our arguments, but haven’t been proclaiming our arguments in a way that reaches people’s hearts. Doing so is what is meant by “pastoral care”. A good pastor not only has the Truth on his side - he has the gift of converting people’s hearts and getting them to truly understand what is sinful with their behavior - and getting them to understand that God loves them anyway, so they stop their sins and are able to repent. The prime reason for the extraordinary synod on the family was to discuss the best possible way to do this - not to change the Church’s teachings.

In favour of exactly what do you understand the majority voted? Did they vote to declare that same sex sexual relations are good and moral?

No of course not - but who would fall for something so obviously heretical? - what was considered was a step in the wrong direction, I believe - when you take out the phrase “marriage is between and man and a woman” you open the door to grave error, I think. Many of the documents are available on the vatican website. I read one report that said the final document contains the omission of “marriage is between and man and a woman” was ordered put in by the pope after the synod. Also the same report said that all the documents are available in many languages except the final document, which is only available in Italian. But in all fairness I don’t know if this report is accurate or not - as so many people and media put their own “spin” on things. You can read what Dr. Bowring, Catholic theologian, has to say - with quotes from a few if the bishops - here -

I was kind of interested in what exactly YOU were concerned about that bishops had voted in favour of. “Modernisation” is entirely imprecise, and in itself should not be thought of as negative. I assumed there was something specific that concerned you - not vagueness, rumour and 3rd hand reports.

I stated what my concern in what I wrote - which is - “We must be very careful in rewriting our moral teachings so they are not misinterpreted. We all need to convict ourselves of our sin, confess, and ask Jesus for His Merciful forgiveness. For those who refuse to do this, they are denying Christ’s gift to us on the Cross. Known truth cannot be added to or changed in any way. God’s Truth is perfect.” The world needs to accept the teachings, as they are now, of the Catholic Church - Our Church should never even consider taking one tiny step to conforming to the worlds views of morality.

Ok. Exactly which step do you understand bishops favoured taking which would be counter to that thought? It must have been serious to earn the description “schism”.

The two things I read of is one - remove the phrase “marriage is between a man and a woman” - which, again, according to what I read, the Pope did after the synod was over - he took it out of the final document - which by the way is only available in Italian; while all other documents are available in many languages. Two - allowing civilly divorced Catholics to receive communion. These 2 things will, I believe, never be accepted by orthodox Catholics. Out of 180 Bishops voting; 108 voted in favor - 12 short of a 2/3 needed to pass them. So, one could easily see, that if they could muster 12 more votes, these provisions would pass. An then what happens? The orthodox people aren’t going to budge a inch. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that a schism could occur, it seems to me. Our Church has gone through tough times before and may be doing so now. I belong to a group on Facebook that prays for our priests to be holy servants and to joyfully fulfil their vows to Christ. I pray 3 hours a day for our priests. I encourage everyone reading this to be generous with their time and and pray for our priests (which includes Bishops, Cardinals, etc since they are first and foremost a priest).

I guess context is everything, and we don’t have that. But I very much doubt that any Bishops are favouring a broadening of marriage to include same sex couples. Not stating a position in a document is not the equivalent of stating the reverse! But if you have a link to a credible source on that point I’d be interested to read it.

but it’s a step in that direction - something to be concerned about. These articles are in many different places but Dr. Bowring, Catholic theologian, follows all this very closely. Here are links to 15 articles -

That’s speculation on your part. I note that all the articles at the site you linked to reflect one and the same slant “schism in the Church”, “Catholic church at war”, “Heretics under the bed” (I made that one up). They read like tabloid journalism.

What I did conclude is that the process and logistics of the synod seemed to be managed incompetently.

there are many quotes from the bishops - if you want to sweep these concerns under the carpet then do so - Dr. Bowring is in good standing with the Catholic Church and he doesn’t post anything that can’t be documented. You, I think, are denying reality - I told you what the vote count was - people vote with their hearts - 108 of these guys want to bow to worldly pressure and conform our Church to worldly morality. Those are facts - your comments about tabloid journalism are ridiculous.

They were not voting on doctrine. Take it easy and give it time. Read more widely.

The only things that those holy 108 bishops wanted to do was to make a statement that gay humans have some worth and that the entire annulment process should be looked at in a way that is not so freaking outdated and expensive. Not one word was mentioned about having gay marriages take place in the Church or doing away with annulments. It’s obvious that those 108 bishops are actually pastors.

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