Morality of Abortion to Save Mother's Life?


Ok, now that you know, do you feel heartless? Do you feel like a monster? A conniving liar? Me neither!!


Me neither. :thumbsup:


Did you know that the percentage of abortions due to rape in the US is only 1%? The rape argument is a big red herring. They use rape to justify something that in 99% of cases is done for something other than rape. Let’s talk first about the 99% and when we are all set with the 99% then we can talk about the rest.

On the same manner, under current techlonogies and with the current medical knowledge and advantage, the real situations in which you actually have to about a baby to save a mother’s life are very few and rare. Ectopic pregnancies may the the only left in which case the church allows the removal of the fallopian tube to save the mother’s life. Outside of that and maybe a couple of more odd and infrequent cases the vast majority of abortions are done for reason different to rape and the mother’s health. So again big red herring.


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