Morality of "Psych"


As Catholics we are warned off of the dark arts.

Which, you’d think, eliminate the show “Psych” about a psychic detective from our viewing. However, it turns out that this “psychic” is actually quite good at observation and not a psycic at all.

But in order to help people he must lie about being a psycic. It’s a long story that includes him being lazy, having his father being a cop and “never doing anything right” and his inability to work within rules.

So, in all, he’s a terrible example. Lots of subtle sins.

But morally, the show is good. Little sexualization, only “3 stooges” type violece, and pretty clean dialogue.

Seems ok to me…can’t have a show about people without having sins in it, right? Most shows are about people. :slight_smile:

What GaryJohn2 said: You CAN’T have a show without sin. Or a book, a film, anything.
If it’s about people, and the people are written as perfect, that in itself is flaw.

People are people. We’re far from perfect.

i guess its better off asked as in “what could a Catholic morally do if put in the situation of the main protaginist”

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