Morality of reporting

I have a question on whether or not we should report illegal activities that we see others doing. I think some things are obvious like child abuse but what about things that are not so clear. For example, people who do construction without permits? Legally I don’t think we are required to report but how about morally? I ask this because I know people who do this, and I can’t really get a clear answer on it. And I don’t want to be a tattle tale.

The law was made for man not man for the law. When you look at the infraction, is the law a just law that protects people? If this building infraction is not going to endanger people or cause sink holes and other property damage, then let go.

I’ll admit it, I call jurisdictions about construction to make sure there’s a permit. Contractors who do work without permits (and therefore inspections) endanger public safety and undercut honest people who play by the rules.

I think it depends on why the person is reporting. If their main purpose is to protect people from harm, then it’s moral to report. If their main purpose is to make trouble, than it’s immoral.

It depends. I agree that if it’s something that could be harmful, it should be reported. If someone builds a storage shed on their property and the city requires a permit to build it but the owner is building it without a permit, I would say something like that is no big deal and not worth reporting. If the parish or school is building rooms without a permit and there is only one exit at the opposite end of the building then there could be a problem if a fire broke out in the building and that is a big deal.

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