Morality of taking free samples


I have always been a little hesitant to take free samples at grocery stores, because in general the odds that I buy the product being featured are quite low. Is there any reason for moral compunction in this issue, or should I still take the sample understanding that marketers understand that most people don’t buy the product?


yup, they understand that. so go and enjoy them, and who knows, you might actually end up buying one, but it’s not your obligation.

now if you want further explaining, they make those to make people notice their products, and it works, so they continue doing it. besides they might be using the products that are close to expire in some cases, those that they need to get rid off quickly.


No problem. The owner is offering it to you, so there’s nothing wrong with accepting it.


Also, even if you don’t buy that particular product, you may be inclined to buy similar products, or to buy nearby products.


I pick up samples sometimes to pass on to a needy family on my list.


Why would you feel any kind of compunction?

Literally, the only moral issue I could possibly see would be if you only go to that store for the purpose of getting free samples (and never make any purchases there).

The samples are marketing for the store, just as coupons are marketing. Should you feel guilty for using the coupons you receive in junk mail to start a fire? (Or, if you don’t have a fireplace/stove, put them in the recycle bin)

The samples and the pay of the demonstrator that prepares the samples (and talks about the samples) is part of the operating cost of the store. Whether you take them or not, you are most assuredly paying for them when you buy ANY products from that store.

So enjoy the free samples! (You could do like what I used to do: go to Costco for lunch…walk around and sample everything–whether or not I bought anything that trip, trust me, I spend enough at Costco where the samples have been more than paid for!)


Just think of it as a gift to try the giver’s product. :slight_smile:


When I go to the supermarket, I pay whatever price the store is asking for a particular item.
To pay a penny less is a form of theft.

The supermarket offers an item for Zero cents.
If a person wishes to pay that price for the item, then he can pay it, and take the item.


Unless, of course, it is a place where it is culturally acceptable to haggle over prices. :wink:


So you don’t take competitor’s coupons to grocery stores when all over Iowa X store will accept coupons from Y store?


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