Morality of watching the first 5 seconds of 4 girls fingerpaint?

so my roommates and i were told to watch this video bc it would be funny…well within the first 5 seconds we ran away in fear. the video contained 4 women who were not clothed doing things with various forms of human excrement. it was outrageous and horrible.

question: did we mortally sin by watching this video?
i’m near 200% sure there was no lust, only disgust at the sights, and we were only viewing for 5 secs and then left

i know…weird!

Sounds like you guys committed no sin at all. Congratulations on an excellent escape from sin! :thumbsup: Flee from temptation, the saints advise us, and that’s what you did. You and those with you gave glory to God through what you did, as well as through your heart dispositions. May God bless you and keep you strong!

I think you need to find a new friend. It wasn’t your sin. The sins are those of the people who DO like that kind of stuff, and request it- who create a market for such depraved acts.

Anyone who could even have a lustul thought watching that certainly has issues far more complex than can be solved here!

I would be avoiding the companionship of anyone who would show something like that to others and think it’s funny.

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