Morality/sinfullness of lying to avoid losing one's livelihood


Due to rigid policies/rigid managers, this is such a common dilemma, and so commonly done. I don’t quite know how to handle this…

And so many different scenarios that lead to this.

I will name one example.

The policies of my employer allow one to take time off, if needed, to care for a first-degree relative. My colleague has a 2nd cousin, who is elderly, never married, and has no kids. She called in sick, because the cousin had a fall and she needed to attend to her.

Another example. Calling in sick, because the weather is bad. It will take an extra hour to arrive to work, so I will use 30 min of sick time. Otherwise, I would be PUNISHED with discipline!!

Any athoughts on this complicated subject would be deeply appreciated.

Please don’t say change jobs, it’s not easily done, especially for those of us of advanced age.


Unfortunately it is becoming more of a problem to be totally honest about work issues, due to overly zealous policies to get compliance out of people. Been there, seen it done and know for a fact that bosses find all kind of all called for reasons to fire someone.

For me, I would never lie. And yes it has cost me a couple of jobs because I confronted wrong doing at the work place that included: sexual harassment, being asked to do something immoral and refusing to mistreat reliable employees in an effort to get them too quit so the company could “adjust balance issues.”

I guess in bad weather I would be very tempted to call in sick even if I was not. However, more than likely the boss would suspect that was what was going on. I would more than likely do my best to get there, and/or if it appeared to dangerous I would tell them I could not get out of my parking lot. It does aggravate me when employers are not understanding about bad weather situations.

If I was the only care provider for a relative I would have to let the company know, and their needs would come first. I have taken that stand before. I had to leave the job.

God always provided me with a new job, but I am single and it was perhaps easier since I did not have a spouse or children to consider. But still, being single means you have only yourself to rely on when things go south. It is stressful, but I find the truth works the best no matter what.


I admire your integrity under the difficult circumstances you faced.


The second example is certainly a lie and immoral, IMO.
The first example is a lie, I would say talk to a priest about your culpability in confession. It would seem, at the least, to be low.


The Benefits of Lying to your Boss . . . stay Employed

"Tell them what they WANT to hear."
Oftentimes, a company will have several Rules that don’t make much sense.
So, it is expedient to use a different Rule, to get what YOU want.
Therefore, if you have to use a half-Day of sick leave (or, 30 minutes of sick leave) . . . well, so be it.

There is Lying … and then there is LYING.
Many companies tell un-Truths . . . and they call it a Business Lie.
If they can do it to help their Business … then turn-about is Fair Play … you can Lie once in a while to help your business (your Job).

That is, if by Lying, you are not actually injuring that Business, and it is just a Red Tape type of issue, then protect your Job.
Certainly, I am not suggesting that a person should be Lying about things that really matter (whatever that would be).
Just that if a company must process 30 minutes of Sick Leave, they aren’t losing any Money (and nobody is bleeding because of it).


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