Morally just to sell gift card for unsavory business at a loss?

Let’s say that someone receives as a present a gift card for a unsavory business. Um, would it be morally just to sell that gift card at a loss so one won’t have to patronize said business? Keep in mind that there are various web sites where one can sell unwanted gift cards.

Why would it be wrong?

Btw, do you realize how often you write “um” in your posts? :flushed:

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What is said unsavory buisness?

Additionally, is this just another harebrained hypothetical?

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And why would anyone who knows you give you a gift card to an unsavory business?


A good example is brought up in this video of a very recent edition of Catholic Answers Live.

Can’t you just tell us? Discussion is more enjoyable than just throwing links at us.


There’s a suspicious lack of concrete facts here

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Is it morally just to sell gift cards for places or things we have no interest in at a loss? :smirk:

Think of the Hooters restaurant chains, Irishmom2.

Thanks. Doesn’t make me change my answer though.

Why can’t you just cut up the gift card and not patronize the unsavory business?

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Well, Zaccheus, what if the gift card is worth $50 or even $100?

Buy a bunch of hot sauce online.

What if it is? Would you choose to profit from sin?

If I buy a gift card and give it to simeine, the store has the money and they hold it against the future purchase.

It is my understanding that after a certain amount of time, the card no longer works, so the store takes the entire amount as profit!

Better to buy $50 worth of something the store is selling at a loss and get rid of that than to toss the card and let the store keep the money!

My answer to that would depend on what the store is selling.

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