Morally offensive movies and mortal sin

Are watching morally offensive movies a grave sin?
What is a good Catholic site for movie reviews?
Dave H

I think it is, it is for me anyway. I tend to think about things that I have seen or read a lot. And if I watch a movie that is morally offensive I feel very guilty and certain scenes always seem to pop into my mind; even when I turn away until it’s done that doesn’t work for me. So I try to avoid the whole situation…sometimes it really stinks if I order a movie on cable and they put those stupid gratudious sex scenes in there for no reason at all it ruins the whole movie for me.

I think it can be a near occasion of sin for some and so should be avoided if necessary. It isn’t automatically a mortal or even venial sin. I had to laugh while doing an examination of conscience the other day because one of the questions was “have you watched movies and television that involve sex and nudity” and I thought ‘yeah but it was with my priest’.
(I watched “Pay It Forward” which has a sex scene and bad language - although not deemed morally offensive by the Bishops - at my church.)

This is a good Catholic site for movie reviews

The million dollar question is: Morally offensive to whom??

If you grew up with June and Ward Cleaver as your parents and a picket fence and dog named Fido, then yes, inappropriate content in a movie would be more likely to be an occasion of sin for you.

However, if your parents are/were divorced, if you grew up in a household where your parent/s were always swearing or/and drinking, etc., then such content in a movie would be less likely to be an occasion of sin for you.

So, again: “morally offensive” to who?? The U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops Film Office, whose web site is linked on this thread, did a regrettable flip-flop a few years ago to “keep up with the times” where they did away with the “condemned” rating and simply made it a vague “O” (Morally Offensive.) Never mind that very few violent movies, the ones with a body count of a thousand in the first few scenes, rarely (if ever) get tagged as morally offensive: who, exactly, decided that “The Transformers” was less morally offensive than “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”? I think it speaks volumes that there are very few PG or PG-13 movies tagged as “morally offensive” by the Bishops’ Film Office: all the “morally offensive” movies are rated R…well… duh!, as a 10-year old would say…

What is a good Catholic site for movie reviews?

Add this to your favorites:

Stephen Greydanus always offers very well-informed reviews.

I also recommend this article by Catholic apologist Jimmy Akin:

Scrupulous TV Viewing?

EDIT: In Akin’s article, he links to another good article on the subject by Steve Greydanus:

What Are the Decent Films?: Entertainment, Art, and Culture in Church Teaching

@Joe 5859

Really helpful articles ! Thanks ! God Bless YOU ! :thumbsup:

I never liked most catholic review sites. Every time I read them I can hear the voice of Ned Flanders from the Simpsons.

Normally I focus my time and energy of sci-fi and fantasy. The higher the quality show (plot wise) the less flesh they need to get ratings.

But then again that’s just me. I don’t trust anyone but myself to make reviews.

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