Morally Offensive Movies

Can Catholics watch morally offensive movies? Are morally offensive movies a grave sin?

If your watching movies just because they are morally offensive, that’s probably not the best thing.

But if a movie sounds good, you go and watch it and it’s repulsive, you probably didn’t doi anything wrong.

There are several movies that I would like to see but the USCCB has rated them “O - Morally Offensive” so I have not gone to see them. Should I not see them? Is seeing them a sin?:shrug:

The Baltimore Catechism #3 says (I don’t have it handy…sorry) that if you go to a movie without properly checking it out first to see if there is anything offensive in it, that you have committed a mortal sin.

In fact, most movies today are morally offensive. I always check and go to their Parental Advisory notice. You’d be surprised the things that are in movies today…and even when you watch one you don’t notice all of the offensive things going on.

Most movies today are offensive period so I don’t watch .If i watch one it will be from the 50’s or earlier are the only ones worth it on occassion.

When you think about it, many movies are morally offensive because they don’t have a God-centered world view. God is totally left out of the movie.

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