Morally permissible for a catholic to join a masonic order?


I was thinking of joining, but only for the purpose of being a “double agent”. I would be curious to find out what is actually going on with their secret rites, whether they worship the evil one, etc. After learning some key info, I could publish and or make known this privileged info for catholic publications. My aim would be to educate folks about the evils of masonry.I realize that there is copious information out there with regard to masonry but my research has yet to reveal the intimate details of their rituals. Would be quite an endeavor if I was to successfully get into the highest levels of masonry without being outed as a spy




The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in the Declaration on Masonic Associations, said quite clearly:
“The faithful who enroll in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion.”

It does not list any exceptions.


do you really expect any answer other than - don’t do it?

The Church has said NO - Catholics may not join; you propose to compound the sin thru fraud and further damnation by revealing information that is not yours to reveal.

No good deed comes from an evil act.
Ecclesiastes 12:14
And all things that are done, God will bring into judgment for every error, whether it be good or evil.
Then there’s John3:20-21


Books as well as videos currently exist and are written by former High Masons. My Father, a marginal Mason, saw a video on Masonry and immediately cancelled his membership. He felt strongly that their belief system was inconsistent with his faith.


I’d say that breaking a secret society’s confidence would hardly fall under the category of “damnation.” It’s not as though Masonry exacts a moral obligation.

However, this is still a non-issue. The Church forbids joining the Masons. There are no loopholes. Gaining information is not a justification for breaking a law of the Church.

The Church in its political roles has made use of spying tactics in the past. But it has no need to do so with Masonry, as it knows all it cares to about them. And if it needed to spy on anybody, it would use trained operatives under Church discipline, not “average sinners.”

Nice intention, but a non-issue.



When u join fraternal and secret societies you pledge to keep everything secret on your oath of moral perjury.

So basically you would be sinning by joining and then possibly sinning by reveling the secrets.

Plenty of people have released the rituals to world, esp via the Internet.

Also, if you are in the United States, the Masons are not the same as they are in Europe. In the US, they are “less dangerous,” but still teach a view of God that teaches indifferentism and and most likely modernism.


No you cannot.

Why would you want to waste your time though?

There are several tell all books out there from former masons.



The masons are some of the Church’s biggest ENEMIES.

So no.


Most of the masons I have known are not the super moral stand up type, that the organization claims to be. One of my friends that was a Mason was into wife sharing big time.
I had been told , at the rumor mill, that when you join the masons you have to divulge all of your sexual secrets to the other members.

I can’t stand fraternities of any type, whether they be at a college campus, or a place for middle aged men to go drink and get away from their families.

I’d like to put one of those Calvin stickers on my car, with a masonic symbol underneath it, but I question whether it would get me harassed by police while driving.


Hello Rosslyn.

I’m assuming you’re female by your name and the one and only Masonic organization that accepts women isn’t in your State yet, so there’s that part. Secondly, morally is it okay to join any organization that has sworn to be and remain forever the enemy of the Church of Christ? You can join anything you wan to, but if you manage to gain acceptance into a Masonic order, you incur an automatic excommunication and will have a few hoops to jump through should you wish to return to Communion with the Church after your vacation from the Sacraments. Do you really wish to give up the Body and Blood of our Lord that easily?



Some of the tell-all books have been around for more then fifty years. :slight_smile:


If this sounds bad here, imagine how bad it will sound when you’re explaining it to Jesus.


Its true that masonry works against the Church with spies, secrecy, and infiltration.

BUT the church does not fight like that. Our fight is about exposing, outing spies, and giving people the truth not hiding it.


There is nothing about the teaching and ceremonies of Freemasonry left to be discovered.

As a low level munchkin you would not privy to anything significant in any case, and you would be a low level munchkin for many years.

As a woman I don’t believe in most lodges you’d be admitted in any case.

All of that being true, the ban against joining Freemasonry seems to bind you to speculating on the project and not attempting to act on it.



I ehco Jon’s sentiment; don’t waste your time on something like this; read the books already out there…



I once thought of doing this with the Church of Satan…so I read in the Satanic Bible about initiation rituals and all…and by the first page I decided the idea was stupid.


He’s a guy, I made the same assumption awhile back, and he cleared it up fro me.
But to answer his question, NO.
My sister married a Mason and she gets angry with me all the time when I try to talk to her about their group. She says the Catholic Church hates the Masons, not the other way around. Uh, no. I get that she loved her husband, but the Church is clear about the Mason Order.


Although it sounds kind of fun to be a secret agent, I personally would run into two problems:
A. Living a lie
B. Boredom with the mission. You’ll probably have to be a Mason for years and years, do all kinds of time-consuming volunteer work, etc., and in the end have nothing to show for it but a successful career as a Mason. What fun is there in that?

You may as well join the K of C and obligate your time to the same volunteer work without violating the rules.


Anyone know how to do the secret “grips” of freemasonry? Id like to learn them so i can detect them… I know sometimes at work, when i shake someones hand, and they dont land it properly i become suspicious. Ive had several people just shake my fingers, and hold on for too long… Thats when i jerk my hand away from them in an awkwardly rejecting way. I cant tell if theyre acting feminine or trying to pull some secret masonic “grip” on me. Whatever it is, it irritates me.

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