Morally Responsible Health Insurance Company


Is anyone aware of morally responsible Health Insurance Companies that do NOT include sterialization and abortion as part of thier standard policies?

I am a small business owner and therefore pay for my own health insurance for my family. Upon meeting with a rep from “Monolith Insurance”…he highlighted standard coverage of sterilization. However, materinity coverage would run an additional $200/month!!! Furthermore terrifying…my current policy covers sterilization and abortion BUT covers maternity in all family insurance packages! I can’t in good conscience continue to pay for money to a company that doesn’t support a culture of life.

For some reason, God is revealing this to me and I pray he will lead me to a solution that will make me a good steward of my health Insurance dollars.


Golden Rule Insurance doesn’t support abortion.


The company I work for is self insured, they don’t cover sterilization, or even birth control medication.


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