"Moratorium" versus "Banned Books". Isn't a moratorium the same thing?

Hello! I am a Catholic bookstore owner, and while I realize that the Vatican no longer has a list of banned books, is it not true that the Church can reserve the right to prohibit the faithful in matters of obedience from reading particular publications?

The reason I ask? I am finding out that apparently there is a “moratorium” on the writings of Louisa Piccaretta ( Oh I hope I spelled that right!). I really need some guidance on this. Interestingly, though I generally have only Catholic books in my store, I do carry, for instance, the writing of Todd Burpo’s which we know as “Heaven is For Real”, written by a Methodist. So it is interesting to see that a moratorium had been placed on publication or dissemination of Piccaretta’s works? Just not sure of the moral implications for me as a business in this situation. Can anyone give guidance or elaborate on this matter?

Moratorium is usually from an internal and passive perspective(I.E Lets put a moratorium on the production of Guns in our country, It might still be legal to import and own them, but lets ban production internally)… Banned is usually from an external and agressive perspective(Guns are banned in this country, you are not allowed to own or posses a Gun from any source).

Not quite sure how that applies in your case, but I guess they’re saying your not allowed to sell it(but because they can’t control who owns the books that are “already out there in the laity”, it’s not an enforced “banning”).

Colliric thanks for such a quick reply. I have pulled a publication I had in here that contained information on Piccaretta and her writings. Nonetheless, I still had other people that had already purchased the book before I realized this. I found another thread dealing somewhat with Picaretta.


and also here is the link referencing said moratorium:


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