Moratoriums, should we notify it better?


Has anyone besides me noticed that they lifted the moratorium on the death penalty discussions? Should we more widely communicate what topics are under moratorium? I sometimes find it hard to know that a topic is temporarily banned and also when it is allowed again.

Note that lifting only applies to the one thread.



No other moratoriums exist at present. However, when a thread is closed, wait a week or so before posting anew and in a constructive way.


I do think a category/pinned topic here for announcements about this kind of thing would be good


The only recent moratorium was on the death penalty, and ,because of the uncharitable nature of a good number of the comments regarding the Pope, we closed it for several weeks and offered helpful essays in the interim.

Meanwhile, we let the whole papal resignation discussion take place, yet have kept on top of it, including merging when needed and dealing with flagged comments that violated the CAF rules.

In addition, other discussions may come up that are not timely but are of interest to at least some of the CAF members.

Finally, based on how threads are progressing, we will close them or let them continue.


A week is a helpful rule, thanks. :sunglasses:


I have to admit I ignore pinned topics. When they first appear, I look at them, but then after they have sat there it is like the wallpaper - unnoticed. But I am perhaps thinking of the old way of CAF, before they changed to this software and it would be different on this software.

In fact, given that I have been here forever, perhaps when I asked this question it was colored by old experience.


If interested in the info you could watch the topic and you’d get emailed on a reply.


You’re right. If we had a pinned thread that mostly only the moderator posted to, then anytime it came back up in our list, this would mean we would want to read it.


That would be my idea. The topic would be locked and the mod could unlock to post an update and relock afterwards.


Like in Prayer Intentions


Thank you for the no doubt extra work this required to let that happen. :bouquet:


You’re welcome and thank you too.


You have the patience of Job :slightly_smiling_face::pray:

Me, not so much :unamused::smoking:



Thank you. And we love Clint Eastwood, particularly in “Gran Torino.” :slight_smile:


Great Movie :movie_camera:Kinda sad :cry:


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