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I’ve always been interested in contemplative orders but now I’m wondering if maybe God would want me to be in a more apostolic community… I don’t know and I’m trying to leave it up to Him! But I have never been in religious life and I don’t know enough… I’m wondering specifically how much time for contemplation do active or apostolic Sisters get? For example, teaching orders. I’m looking at very orthodox communities that emphasize the importance of prayer. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’m not that familiar with orders or particular Catholic spiritual theories and ideas. However, I found a webpage with some links from Catholic sites on various vocations, one of which is traditional Latin (it says):

I am a Franciscan Sister from North Dakota.
In our community, we do not have a rigid schedule.
We pray Morning Prayer, Vespers and Night Prayer.
We individually commit to an hour of private prayer each day.
We also attend Mass daily.
We also set aside two hours a week for spiritual reading.

I hope that helps; communities do vary.
Have a nice evening.

Sr. Christina M. Neumann

The proportion of time given to prayer as opposed to time given to apostolic work varies from Order to Order – or Congregation to Congregation. There is no determined amount as a minimum standard or threshold.

As you examine the various communities, as you say, their prayer life would be something you should carefully weigh in light of your own aspirations.

Thank you! It does seem that it depends on the community.

Not sure how old you are? Please, visit some orders? They will welcome you and you will gain answers to all your concerns and you will KNOW where to try.

Step of faith time! And enjoy it…

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