More and more parents refuse to vaccinate children

This is scary. If the children don’t recieve vaccination, than they shouldn’t be allowed to attend school. I don’t see why having a parent sign waver is a reason to put other children at risk. The Dr. should have to sign a waver but no Dr. will because there isn’t any evidence that vaccines cause autism. Some children have even died because of this nonsense I’ve heard.

I saw Jenny McCarthy and Jim Caery rail against vaccines on Larry King. They really didn’t seem to know what they were talking about. I feel sorry for them, but they really came off as being paranoid.

Interesting. It would seem to me that not getting your children vaccinated does not endanger any except your own kids and other children that have not been vaccinated. No?

Of course, there may problems with this. But I do not see how this poses a public health risk.

What about vaccinations for things you do not want YOUR child vaccinated for?

Example is the HPV vaccination for girls protecting against a type of STD. I know many parents who object to this and have not allowed their daughters to get it. Another is the Hep B that is caused by sexual contact or dirty needles. I have refused to have my boys get that vaccination. I had to sign a waiver. I will accept the consequences.–s&feature=related

This is the debate I’m talking about. I don’t think Jim and Jenny were being very honest about the case they were making.

If the vaccine is so effective, then parents with vaccinated kids should have no worry about other parents who decide against this coerced “health care.”


Try this little experiment:

Call your local public health board and ask them to tell you the safe levels of mercury and formaldehyde to inject into your child’s bloodstream. When they threaten to call the police and Children’s Aid on you to take your child away for endangerment, point out to them that both are ingredients in most vaccines.

There are quite a few doctors who refuse to vaccinate their own children, but happily stick needles into other people’s children. Doesn’t sound very honest to me.

My fiancee is studying to be a homeopathic physician, and she has learned about non-injected, natural vaccines that are more effective then the pharmaceutical cocktails being jabbed into our children. Our infant son has not and will not be vaccinated except through natural means.

Or from blood. What if one of your boys decides to render first aid and gets contaminated with blood and gets a much worst, if not life threatening, case of Hep B than if he had been vaccinated?

No, mercury is not used in most vaccines anymore, except for some flu vaccines. Vaccines contain at most trace amounts of formaldehyde–a substance that occurs naturally in the human body at significantly higher levels. In any case, there’s no reliable studies indicating that the small amounts used of either substance present any risk.

Vaccination has risks. Indeed there is a federal bureaucracy that tries to deal with this problem:

Some vaccines are made with “fetal matter” i.e. code for aborted babies. I wouldn’t want my children receiving that type of vaccine.

Posted: Monday March 3, 2008
From Judie Brown’s website

From Children of God for life website…
Q. If there are ethical alternatives, must these be used instead?
A. Yes. The PAFL (Pontifical Academy for Life) is very clear on this in two separate areas where they state that, “doctors and fathers of families have a duty to take recourse to alternative vaccines (if they exist)” (pg 6) and, “there is a grave responsibility to use alternative vaccines” (Summary page 7)


This is one of those PDF files for those who would like to read more about this.
While many parents have sought religious exemptions to vaccines derived from aborted fetal tissue, the response from those who attempt to deny this right has been that the Catholic Church says the vaccines are “morally acceptable”. In fact, in a June 2005 Statement from the Pontifical Academy for Life under the approval of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the right to abstain under proper conditions is clearly upheld. See:

The April 13th show on Catholic Answers Live had a discussion of ethical vs. non- vaccinations. I had actually been thinking of asking my Dr. about the shingles vaccine (my grandfather had it) but there is no ethical vaccine available.

The whole thing about vaccines causing autism is pure bunk & has been disproved in study after study but Americans are so scientifically illiterate they refuse to believe it.

These parents don’t care about fetal mater being used in the vaccines what so ever. Jenny McCarthy or Jim Caery probably don’t care about the ethics of how the Caccines are made. I feel very bad for them, but they are not helping anybody by insisting that vaccines cause autism.

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We don’t use the unethical vaccines. We also do not use the multiple vaccines.

It might be BUNK as you called it. Yet when its your child, diagnosed with a severe medical problem, it is only human and natural to try to find some logical or even illogical reason for the condition. This is why so many attorneys advertise their services so you can blame others for something that just happens.

Also the question as to why the percentage of children with the condition is going higher with each year. Maybe as long as people are asking why there just might be an answer out there somewhere.

It is dangerous to those who for legitimate medical reasons (allergies to pennicillin, compromised immune systems…) cannot be vaccinated. For those people, it is essential that all who can be vaccinated be vaccinated, so we can develop what is called herd immunity.

that is a scientifically sound point, but i think it is presumptious to expect other parents to inject things that arent without sideeffects into their healthy kids on the off chance that someone who honestly couldnt get vaccinated in around them.

-for the record my kids get vaccinated againt the major stuff, but not HepB,chickenpox,HPV, etc…

I will protect my children from harmful vaccines before I worry about the immunity of the “herd.”



You won’t have to pay for them, your children will. I contacted Hep-B and D at the same time from helping someone who was bleeding from a fall off a diving board at the pool (I was a lifeguard at the time). It didn’t kill me (obviously) but it was an incredibly debilitating experience that made me fall back a full year in school.

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