More births expected for Muslims than Christians worldwide

NEW YORK – In recent years, Christians have had more babies than any other religious group worldwide. But by 2035, Muslims are projected to experience the higher birth rate, putting the world’s two largest religions on track to have a near equal share of the global population by 2060, according to a demographic analysis released Wednesday.

We Christians must start marrying sooner again like our forefathers and out multiply this menace to our freedom.

Speaking on behalf of Christians everywhere. No thanks. Gross.

Or just be more effective in converting people from Islam to Christianity

I doubt we’ll do either one, thought there is merit in both things.

Female fertility is at its height at about ages 17 to 20, and so is the physical condition of the mothers. It drops off during her 20s and drops off sharply beginning at about age 30.

And personally, I think Christians ought to start figuring on no fewer than 4 children, though we’ll never get to the 8 or so our forefathers had. This business of having 1 or 2 children per couple is below replacement level and, in my view at least, self-centered.


This does not surprise me. It has long been predicted that Islam will be the major religion very soon - that Muslims will outnumber Christians. I think their birthrate has been higher for many years.

I am one who believes if Muslim countries did not harshly punish proselytizing or conversion, Christianity would make major conversions there. That’s exactly why the harsh penalties exist. Islam is very unsure of itself when it comes to voluntariness in religion, and always has been.

Depends on the country. In most places that’s true about the birth rate, but not in all.

This is where it’s from:

Christians remain world’s largest religious group, but they are dying out in Europe
Christians had the most births and deaths of any religious group in recent years, according to our demographic models. Between 2010 and 2015, an estimated 223 million babies were born to Christian mothers and roughly 107 million Christians died – a natural increase of 116 million.

But among Christians in Europe the reverse is true: Deaths outnumbered births by nearly 6 million during this brief period. In Germany alone, there were an estimated 1.4 million more Christian deaths than births from 2010 to 2015. This natural decrease in Europe’s aging Christian population was unique compared with Christians in other parts of the world and other religious groups. In fact, Muslims and the unaffiliated in Europe both experienced natural increases in their populations, with our new report estimating that there were over 2 million and 1 million more births than deaths, respectively, between 2010 and 2015.

And here, if you love charts, diagrams and graphs like I do:
There are so many of them but here are three to whet your interst:

Why not the same numbers? We are better fed now and have better medical care than ever in the historic past. Our grandparents weren’t some sort of superhumans.

People no longer marry as young as they once did. Then they contracept for a time and expect to have one or two children at about age 30 when it’s far more difficult to do.

Part of it is schooling, which takes a big chunk out of one’s youth. Part of it is simple consumerism.

One of my daughters has nine children. My son has five. Others are only starting. It’s possible to have a number of children, but it’s not easy.

Or, to the issue at hand, support pro-life legislation that makes delivery and maternity coverage more accessible to Christian families. Conversion’s irrelevant if the Catholic family needs a 2nd and 3rd mortgage, even WITH insurance, to have a baby.

Wow. Tipping my hat to you, Grandfather of many. May God bless you and your family!

One of my cousins has 8 and my baby brother has 5. My dear Mother has nigh on 100 first cousins from one side of her family alone!! (if you count spouses)

That seems part of Catholic culture to this day, albeit not as common as in the past.

Encouraging people to have more babies so Christianity will still be the biggest religion? How childish.

Focus should be on evangelizing and sticking to church teachings on sex and love. Taking logical steps against the ills of secularism as well. The whole sexual revolution affects Christians more than Muslims (clearly)

That’s true. Many would love to have at least one more child, but are probably discouraged bc of how expensive it is.

But just my experience in Singapore (we have a really low birth rate)…the government have incentives to have bigger families like bonuses, extended leave etc but it didn’t improve significantly. When women and men were asked why, a number of them said that they just didn’t want to have a baby. They don’t feel like they are nurturing enough, that they want to waste their money, they want to focus on their career, etc. I think in developed countries, people just think that there is more to life than marriage and babies.

The quote in my signature ‘[A]s long as the ‘[W]est’ doesn’t rediscover Christianity, it flails dangerously about, mistaking strength and wealth for virtue. It puts its faith in reeking tube and iron shard, in bigger weapons, and in ‘tougher security’], in consumer goods and in its own luxurious hedonism’ from Peter Hitchens was taken from something he wrote in response to people across the West who think the influence of Islam can be curbed with insults, extreme vetting or outright immigration bans. Rediscovering Christianity in a real meaningful way could lead to more effective witnessing and more children. He doesn’t see hope for Europe though.

Taking logical steps against the ills of secularism as well. The whole sexual revolution affects Christians more than Muslims (clearly)

:frowning: It’s been a difficult battle for Christians, one that we’re losing across the West.
Unless if they’re Mormons (and if you count them as Christians). They’re very immune despite being surrounded in our poisonous popular culture and been surrounded for much longer than Muslims.

I agree. Early Christianity spread quickly when the focus is on the good news, not using the religion to prevent certain things.

Difficult battle but still, truth is always truth. Thankfully, because truth is still truth, we have actual logic to back it up. We cannot measure God, but we can definitely point out how secularism destroyed society (sex before marriage for example…look at how it led to other stuff that nobody likes). Unfortunately, people refuse to believe it.

By “stuff that nobody likes,” I hope you don’t mean what’s referred to as out-of-wedlock births (or, worse, “bastards”), because shouldn’t we all be happy that more babies are being born, regardless of circumstances? That seems to be what the thread is about – not more babies born to June and Ward Cleaver with a picket fence and dog named Fido, but more babies born that will be Christian. Unless I’m missing something here… as long as delivery costs and maternity coverage are non-starters for the anti-abortion lobby, it’s going to be difficult to get those babies being born to married couples because of how expensive it has gotten; consequently, that’s probably why the “unplanned” and out-of-wedlock births are more common these days… :shrug:

Was referring to the hook up culture which helped with the spread of STDs, broken families due to stupid concepts like “open marriages”…stuff like that. Sex without consequences also led to the increase of female objectification…and now male.

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