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Bruce Sofia has quite a large ministry here in Gloucester County, NJ, at the Gloucester County Community Church. It is very large, and they have a number of activities, including Christian based 12 Step groups for many different addictions. He is very well known in this area, as is his church. Quite a few of my clients go to his church for one of the 12 Step groups. While I don’t support his teachings, I do like the availability of the groups. I have recommended them to some of my clients.




[quote=ThrowBack]For about 1000 years, 600 to 1600, the word of God was not available in a language that could be read by the people…


There was no language the be could have been printed in that could be read by the people since very, very few people could read. To buy into the Protestant version of History one must assume that Guttenberg was co-redeemer with Christ…



You should send him a copy of the book “Where We Got the Bible” by Rev. Henry G. Graham. Rev. Henry Graham said:

“Who can deny it? The Church existed before the Bible; she made the Bible; she selected the books and she preserved it. She handed it down; through her we know what is the Word of God, and what the word of man; and hence to try at this time of day, as many do, to overthrow the Church by means of this very Bible, and to put it above the Church, and to revile her for destroying it and corrupting it–what is this but to strike the other that reared them; to curse the hand that fed them.”


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