More conversions to Catholicism thanks to EWTN!


Yesterday I received an email from my best friend who is a non-dem. Christian where she asked that we study the Bible and that she was looking into going back to church, but to a Catholic Church. I actually remember praying for her to go back to church, but never to the CC since she had said once she was against the CC. I didn’t think my prayers would be answered this way.

I sent her back an email telling her to call me and also asked her why the CC. She called last night and was telling me that she was flipping the channels and came upon EWTN and a Mass was being broadcasted. She said ever since, that’s the only channel she watches on tv! She said she had never seen something as beautiful and interesting as a Catholic Mass, and didn’t know Priests could be “normal” people.

I’m going to start on reading the Bible with her and then see if she’d like to take an RCIA class at the Parish I teach Catechism. The education director is wonderful and she’s also the one in charge of RCIA. Hope she decides to go all the way!

Thanks EWTN!!


That’s wonderful!




God bless you as you help her find her way home. We’re seeing good things happen here, too, thanks to God and Mother Angelica. My fiance is reading the bio that Raymond Arroyo wrote, which I got her for her birthday. She says it’s real good.


That’s really great!:thumbsup:


Has she been to the Mass Where she lives because the EWTN Mass and the Mass at the Parish down the street are not the same 98% of the time.

The First Mass I ever went to was a SSPX Mass and wow it was great then I found out that the SSPX was not in Communion with the Pope so I left and went to the NO Mass boy was that a Faith Killer. I have been to a Mass done by The Institute of Christ the King sovereign priest it was also very good but to far away to drive.

In the End I could not believe the True Church of Christ would let the Liturgy go down hill so far. I would tell your friend if she does not know yet that you don’t see Masses like the EWTN Mass alot. As for me I have been studying the Holy Orthodox Church and can’t wait to become a part of it. :thumbsup:


She hasn’t yet,I don’t want to push her to that point yet, she only aske to read the Bible w/me but I’ll do it in baby steps, we’ll get there.

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