More court victories against HHS mandate [CWN]

In recent days, federal courts have issued injunctions barring enforcement of the HHS mandate, which compels most employers to offer insurance that covers contraception, sterilization, and …


I hate to call a foul on CWN, but this “news item” does nothing but quote from a blog.


I listened to an interview with the lead attorney on the Priests for Life case which I think is hooked in with the Archdiocese of Washington DC case. He said an injunction is VERY strong evidence that the anti-HHS Mandate forces have a strong case and a substantial chance of prevailing.

There was one case, with respect to Notre Dame where the injunction was not granted but most cases have been on the side of religious freedom.

Also heard a quote from the head of Planned Parenthood claiming the Little Sisters of the Poor SHOULD comply with the mandate. They are so disgusting. Not only do they ignore religious liberty but they are simply promoting more dollars to their evil organization.

One issue I’ve never seen discussed was the incredible WASTE of taxpayer dollars to bring these cases. This is not free. The cost of the DOJ and HHS preparing for these cases is astronomical and it’s coming out of our pockets! It enrages me to no end that this is not being noted.

The Obama Administration would not only be in line with the Constitution but they would also save a lot of money by simply backing down. It’s clearly ONLY Obama’s ego and the ideology of statist control that makes them fight every one of these cases.

Leave the Little Sisters of the Poor to do their good work! What an evil bunch were elected in 2008 and then Americans were stupid enough to do it again in 2012.


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