More criminal charges for Minnesota Priest

Prosecutors who charged a local priest with child sex abuse now allege he also possessed child pornography.

The Ramsey County attorney’s office charged Curtis Carl Wehmeyer, a priest formerly assigned to Blessed Sacrament Church on the East Side of St. Paul, with 17 counts of possession of child pornography.

Wehmeyer, 48, of Oakdale, will make his first court appearance on both sets of charges Wednesday, Oct. 10.

In the criminal complaint filed Tuesday, Oct. 9, in Ramsey County District Court, prosecutors alleged the following:

During the investigation of the alleged sexual abuse, two boys reported that Wehmeyer showed them pornography on a laptop computer. This would happen before and during the molestation, they said.

A St. Paul investigator obtained a search warrant for the rectory at Blessed Sacrament, at 1801 Lacrosse Ave. On July 7, he went to the rectory and confiscated an IBM ThinkPad laptop that was located on the upper shelf of Wehmeyer’s bedroom closet.

A St. Paul police sergeant examined the laptop. He found “several still images and video files depicting sex acts involving prepubescent males,” the complaint said. Fourteen still images and three videos make up the basis for the charges.

Wehmeyer was charged Sept. 20 with three counts of criminal sexual conduct. He molested two boys, one beginning when the victim was 12, the complaint said. The other boy was listed in the criminal complaint as being under 16.

Wehmeyer was ordered to have no contact with juveniles, including the alleged victims.


This kind of still pisses me off :mad:

I live just a few blocks away from this church. The parish is still in so much pain from this. They need all of our prayers.

I wonder if this is an indication that we should improve our seminaries…

The devil seeps into the Church like smoke through cracks - Pope Paul VI

It is sad that stuff like this happens. I have nothing else to say.

I knew this priest and he was the pastor of the parish I used to belong to after it was merged with Blessed Sacrament. It was incredibly shocking and disturbing to find this out. I hope the boys get any help they need.

really unfortunate.


the whole abuse scandal hit because of the “sexual revolution” decades ago when homosexuals flocked to the seminaries. Many want to say homosexuality and pedophilia are different. For many cases that is true. But for many cases the “pedophiles” just so happen to suffer from same sex attraction. Point being society brought this on itself by “accepting” homosexuality. When you accept and promote one disordered practice than you open the doors to all kinds of abnormal and disordered behaviors. In a hundred years time from now I bet pedophilia (so long as its not forced) will be legal. Any why not? Kids as young as 11 doing sexual things online for friends, sometimes even adults. It’s sick :mad: But no one seems to care enough to crack down hard on this kind of thing. We focus on the adults who are suffering from a mental illness with their disordered attraction (remember just a couple decades ago homosexuality was rightfully diagnosed as a mental illness). For those that are actively pushing the homosexual agenda, best open that door wider and allow pedophilia, zoophilia, necrophilia and every other kind of horrid disordered practice. Morality is the only thing that will save people from this nightmare of a society we live in. And since that is on its way out I say open wide the doors to depravity. Let people drink their own destruction. Once they burn themselves out, those with common sense and morals can rebuild from the ashes and hopefully the second time around we won’t let things get so far out of hand.

But where will that leave you?

Couldn’t help but add in this breaking news… let’s be clear, this was a teacher, a lay person at a Catholic School but apparently trouble is brewing to the South of the Twin Cities as well.

I’ll note too, the last of these events happened in 2008 with Jones and with the other teacher, he left in 2003… so this happened in the past but is only now being found out it seems.

I think Shattuck-St. Mary would be called a “prep school” and known for ice hockey, Sidney Crosby actually played for the school.

So you can read the details, this seems very awful certainly.

The sense of sexual morality and dignity keeps on degenerating. Its so so sad that this loss is rampant even within the group ordained to help bring back sanity.
Is it really the devil’s work?
What can we do?
Or is it that these obscene stuffs are bound to happen?

May God always cause His face to shine on us and look with mercy upon us. Amen

Interestingly, in Faribault Minnesota, the School Shattuck St.-Mary’s has had a scandal.

But they are affiliated with the Episcopal Church.

Tuition for the boarding school is about $40,000 a year. Alumni are spread throughout the country, some pursuing high-profile careers including professional hockey and movie acting.

Famous Ice Hockey Player Sidney Crosby went to school here. Oh, and in fact, Marlon Brando too per the story.

Likewise saddened to see this scandal happen.

This situation just got even uglier.

Recent media report:
Archdiocese knew of priest’s sexual misbehavior, yet kept him in ministry

A response from the Archbishop was handed out at Mass this weekend, but I can’t find it online. The statement on the Archdiocese’s website is along the same lines:
Statement Regarding Wehmeyer Case

I am really struggling with this one and will be prudent and reserve making any comment until I have learned/processed more.

I hate to say but in the majority of these abuse cases the common thread, besides pedophyilia, is HOMOSEXUALITY. No one outside the Church wants to talk about this!

So…I wonder what is it about the priesthood that seems to attract SSA men? The all-male environment? The easing of expectations for heterosexual marriage and fatherhood? The vow of chastity, which some might think would provide protection against SSA acting out? Or is it something else? Or is the priesthood not actually attractive to SSA men?

You know, I don’t know unless for many of them it is to gain access to children. The all male environment could certainly be a a possibility, but it is pure deception and so therefore I wonder if it is mostly for evil intent.

The problem is not homosexuals. If a gay man is chaste, a servant of the Holy Spirit, doesn’t allow his sexuality to define him and wants to be a priest, then by all means he should.

It is some people whose moral character that is not fit for the priesthood that act out but keep it mum and put on a “Christ-like” façade when needed that are the problem.

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