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I am currently in RCIA. I was wondering hiw I could have a stronger devotion to Mary. I used to pray the Rosary a lot, nut what are some other devotions to Mary for an unbaptized person? :smiley:


Hi Maegan, If you are into Gardening, this may interest you :slight_smile:

Praying the Rosary everyday will certainly strengthen your devotion to Our Lady.

Have you heard of the Eucharistic Rosary ? It’s meditations are a powerful way to build both your devotion to Mary and also your Faith in the Blessed Sacrament.

**The Joyful Mysteries

  1. The Annunciation

O Jesus, born of Your Father from all eternity; filled with an incomprehensible love for men, You did become man in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary through the co-operation of the Holy Ghost, humbling Yourself to such a degree as to take the form of a servant. The same charity has prompted You to perpetuate, in the Eucharist, this mystery of annihilation and love, even to improve on it by becoming the food of our souls.

Divine Jesus, we adore You in these unfathomable debasements, and we beg of You, through the intercession of Your holy Mother, a deep and heartfelt humility.

  1. The Visitation

Divine Savior, from the womb of Mary, wherein You did become incarnate, You breathed forth sanctity into John the Baptist and upon the whole house of Elizabeth. From the Host wherein you dwell, You breath forth sanctity into John the Baptist and upon the whole house of Elizabeth. From the Host where You dwell, You spread all over the world the influence of You grace and Your love throughout the whole Church.

Oh divine Jesus, full of love and kindness, we adore You, and we beg of You, through the intercession of Your holy Mother, perfect charity toward our neighbors.

  1. The Nativity of Our Lord

Oh King of kings! Poor indeed, yet most lovely in the crib of Bethlehem, You call the simple and the poor to be Your first adorers: poorer and no less amiable to the eyes of faith in the sacrament of Your love, You are still delighted to se around Your person the humble and the little.

Oh Jesus, in Your destitution we adore You, to Whom belong all the treasures of the Godhead, and we beg of You, through the intercession of Your holy Mother, detachment from the goods of this world.

  1. The Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple

Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, You offer Yourself with perfect obedience and love to Your Father, through the hands of the high-priest, as the Victim that is to be immolated on the cross; every day also You offer Yourself upon the altar by the hands of the priest, with the same obedience and love as our Victim always sacrificed and always living.

Oh sweet Victim we adore You and we beg of You through the intercession f Your holy Mother, the spirit of obedience and sacrifice.

  1. The Finding of Our Lord in the Temple

Oh Jesus, You withdraw and leave Mary and Joseph in tears to do the work of Your Father; but You fill them with joy when they find You in the midst of Doctors amazed at Your knowledge and wisdom. Veiled in the Eucharist, You impart there divine teachings, and You fill with joy those who seek You with their whole heart.

Oh hidden God! We adore You, and we beg of You, through the intercession of Your holy Mother, the grace of seeking You with a lively and persevering faith in the sacrament of Your love.**



**The Sorrowful Mysteries

  1. The Agony of Our Lord in the Garden of Olives

Divine Savior, under the weight of sorrow and sadness caused by our sins, You fall bathed in a sweat of blood, and You endures a mortal agony. In the Blessed Sacrament, also, You art still more humbled and annihilated on account of our sins.

We adore You and we compassionate Your agony of suffering in the Garden of Gethsemani, as well as Your agony of humiliation in the Eucharist, and we beg of You, through the intercession of Your holy Mother, a heartfelt sorrow for our sins.

  1. The Flagellation

Oh good Jesus! Scourged and covered with wounds, the sins committed by men against the holy virtue of purity thus torture Your innocent flesh; and in the Blessed Sacrament impure heart insult You by their sacrilegious communions.

Oh You bloody Victim, scourged at the pillar, patient Victim abused in the sacrament, we adore You and we beg of You, through the intercession of Your holy Mother, the grace of mortifying our senses.

  1. The Crowning with Thorns

Oh King of glory! Crowned with thorns and proclaimed in derision king of the Jews by brutal soldiers who ignominiously spit upon You adorable face, You fall a victim to the sins committed by pride; in the Blessed Sacrament also You bear a crown of ignominy made up of the many acts of irreverence, contempt, hypocrisy, and vanity committed by Christians in Your sanctuary.

Oh loving King! Overwhelmed with insults both in You passion and in the sacred Host, we adore You and we beg of You, through the intercession of You holy Mother, the grace of mortifying our self-love.

  1. The Carrying of the Cross

Curses, outrages, ill-treatments, anguish of heart, sufferings of all kinds, nothing can Oh dear Redeemer, alter the mildness and patience with which you carry Your heavy cross; with like sweetness and patience do You bear in the long course of ages, doubts want of confidence, murmurs, insults, discouragement on the part of You children.

Oh, Jesus! We adore You carrying with love the cross prepared for You by Your Father, and we beg of You, through the intercession of Thy holy Mother, patience in the trials of this life.

  1. The Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord

Oh good and merciful Savior! Your love, more than iron nails, keeps You riveted to the cross whereon You atone for our sins in the midst of unspeakable torments; we find You also riveted by the same love in the Sacrament of the Altar, continuing Your sacrifice to the end of ages in order to apply to us the fruits thereof.

Sweet Lamb, perpetually immolated for us, we adore You, and we beg of You through the intercession of Your holy Mother, such a hatred of sin as will make us prefer the death of the body to the staining of the soul.**



**The Glorious Mysteries

  1. The Resurrection of Our Lord

Oh Christ Jesus! You come forth glorious from the tomb, victorious over all infernal powers; henceforth sufferings and death have lost their empire over Your glorious humanity. What a consolation for us to know that, though confined to the humble condition of Your sacrament, You art in full possession of the life, joy, and glory of Your resurrection!

We adore You, Oh immortal King of ages, and we beg of You, through the intercession of Your holy Mother, a lively and loving faith in Your real and life-giving presence in the Blessed Sacrament.

  1. The Ascension

Oh Divine Savior! Your triumph in this mystery has reached its perfection! By raising yourself up to heaven through Your own power, You have taken possession of Your Kingdom, and You art seated at the right hand of Your Father to be forever the joy of the angels and saints. Every day also without quitting Your throne You come upon our altars, under the form of bread, to bring us a foretaste of heavenly beatitude.

Oh You, the delight of pure souls, we adore You and we beg of You, through the intercession of Your holy Mother, an ardent desire of possessing You here below under the Eucharistic veils, and to possess You in heaven in the splendor of Your glory.

  1. The Coming Down of the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles

Oh Jesus, scarcely had You entered into Your glory at the right hand of Your Father, when You did show Your munificence by sending forth the Holy Spirit with His many and various gifts to Your growing Church. From the Eucharist, as if from another heaven, wherein You have set up Your throne of love, You impart to souls the spirit of life and strength, and You kindle in them the fire of Your divine charity.

Oh Jesus, King in heaven, King also in the Eucharist, we adore You and we beg of You, through the intercession of Your holy Mother, fidelity to grace in order to reap all the fruits produced in the souls of men by the gifts of the Holy Ghost.

  1. The Death and Assumption of Mary

Oh Jesus, no longer can You leave here below Your blessed Mother; already she hear Your voice calling her, and amid the transports of an ineffable communion, love take away her soul from the land of exile. But her virginal body, like that of her divine Son, must not know corruption; You raise her from the dead, and, brilliant as the sun, she soars on angels’ wings to the seat of eternal glory.

Oh Jesus, our resurrection and our life, we adore You and we pray that, through the intercession of Your holy Mother, we may die in the arms of her who is also our own Mother, after having received in a fervent communion the pledge of our glorious resurrection.

  1. The Crowning of Mary in Heaven

Divine Son of Mary, to make Your holy Mother partaker of Your own glory, You have crowned her queen of heaven and Earth and appointed her our advocate and the living channel of Your graces. From the Eucharist not less than from heaven, You will that every grace shall reach us through her maternal hands.

Oh Jesus, we adore You in Your unspeakable glory, of which You have made Your Mother partake with You, and we beg of You, through her intercession, a great confidence in her powerful protection and great earnestness in imitation her virtues; in particular her purity, humility and fidelity to grace.**


You could pray the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin.
The Angelus
The Magnificat

But definitely the Rosary!! I love the Rosary :heart:


you could wear a medal of the Blessed virgin or one of her scapulars.


I already: Pray the Rosary, wear a miraculous medal, and i am devoted to : Our Lady of lourdes. i love mary and was wondering how to be more devoted. im thinking about starting to say the angelus everyday. what time should i say it?


Traditionally, it’s said at 6 AM, Noon, and 6 PM, although I personally have a private devotion of praying it at a different time–pray it whenever you like.



hmm 6pm is perfect for me :smiley:


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