More drama for Los Angeles

Mahony being deposed next week re: sexual abuse scandal.–California-Church-Abuse

I am so weary of this. We can’t complain - we did the crime. As a parishioner in the diocese, I know that we must accept our punishment for this and accept our pennance. I am still so tired of the endless bad news.

What does that even mean, depose him? They can’t take his title away, so what are they groveling on about?

Understand. And what hurts one part of the Body of Christ hurts us all. I will be praying. May God bless you and keep you.

My understanding is that he will no longer have any “administrative or public duties.” His faculties have not been removed, however.

I can understand the thoughts of some LA Catholics that it is a shame that Cardinal Mahoney will participate in the election of the new Pope. But as all of the Cardinals are sinners (all being people), and because Cardinal Mahoney may have experienced true repentance, and not least because canon law appears to require it, he will be part of the conclave regardless of his standing in the LA archdiocese.

I am extremely sorry for those in the archdiocese who have suffered at the hands of sinful priests–both those who have been abused, and those others who have had their faith damaged. May God bless them all with healing, comfort, peace, and a renewed faith in God, who will never betray them.


LOL, it has nothing to do with his title - “depose” in this context means “take a deposition from” in a legal proceeding.

They are trying to get any information that will lead to an arrest. They are picking through the files to see if there are any statutes that have not run out or exceptions that would allow an arrest and prosecution. They want to learn more about how we conducted the coverup. They are also trying to make a statement. Mahony has already been stripped of his administrative duties by the current bishop. But the people here are absolutely infuriated that these priests have not seen “justice” and are grasping for any way to see them punished. If it were left to the community, they’d burn Mahony (and Curry) at the stake.

Oh, and yes. The DA will be taking his deposition. He does not have a choice. If he does not go willingly, they’ll get a court order.

I guess they mean that they will summon him to court to testify.

We need protection for Catholic children.

Oooh lol, duh.

Yes, of course. And id this provides it, good. It’s very sad, though. Mahony was never popular, and now he’s downright loathed. I don’t know what he should do. Many are calling for him to become laicized (i.e. “defrocked.”)

Depose is a legal term for out of court testimony. Basically he is being forced to appear for questioning by the attorney’s of those suing him.

Unless you were involved, I’d not be using “we” in that statement. I’m not from LA and don’t know the specifics, but most of the coverups that I’m familiar with were nothing like what SNAP, et al want you to believe. It’s tricky to describe the difference because people immediately assume you are defending the coverups. I’m not. What happened was an appalling failure of moral leadership. But what bothers me is the total hypocrisy of our culture singling out the catholic bishops while pretending not to notice that the problem stems from flaws in human nature that show up in the SAME way over and over again in athletic groups, counselors, schools, universities, nearly EVERYWHERE where institutions feel their existence threatened by lawsuit lawyers when something bad happens. What many bishops did was to fail to rise above the typical behavior of people in similar positions throughout our culture in that time period. No more, no less. Should we expect more of our bishops? Of course. Should we be disillusioned when they turn out to be as human as everybody else? Not so much.

The fact is that from the 50’s through the early 90’s our culture has pretended not to notice that sexual sin breeds MORE sexual sin. Abuse is simply the predictable result of failing to expect virtue of the general populace. When a culture begins to rationalize one kind of sexual sin, it will rapidly begin to rationalize more. Pederasty (which is what the scandal was really about) is nothing new, it pops up every time that sexual deviance is rationalized as socially acceptable. Before the abuse scandal in the church broke and revealed the extents of how awful this was, pederasts were increasingly lobbying for legitimacy (in the 1980’s).

An interesting illustration of the dramatically different cultural views today than back then can be found in the 80’s series “Family Ties.” There was an episode of that show in which an older friend of the family conducts tell-tale grooming behavior with the oldest daughter and eventually makes a pass at her (which she successfully resists). The crisis is resolved when she finally tells her parents, they confront the man. What do they do? Call the cops? Get him imprisoned? Nope, they get him an appointment with a therapist. That’s it. That’s the message and the approach that was mainstream in that period. People simply didn’t recognize the predatory nature and criminal intent of sexual abuse. We probably didn’t want to know. It was a society - wide failure and it is cowardly to pretend that only catholic bishops were guilty of it.

Help me out here, I thought that Archbishop Gomez was the one going to rome to vote for the new Pope.

No, he’s not a cardinal.

Most Catholics expect their priests to adhere to a higher standard than an athletic coach. After all, priests are our preachers of good morals, they are called “Father” and the Church teaches that they are another Christ.

This is a legal action, nothing to do with the Church. It just means they’ll be taking a deposition, IOW, questioning him under oath.

I think the truth is somewhere in between. I think that some of it was the thinking that these priests could be rehabilitated, but I also think that some of it was straight up cover up. I think the Church knew what would happen if this came out, so they tried to sweep it under the rug. Unfortunately, the Church also failed to heed the warning that all things come to light…eventually.

I know it happened/happens throughout society. The scandal here does seem to be more widespread than other organizations. I have personally dealt with several priests on the list that was made public. One of the worst baptized me. We’re not talking two or three bad seeds in my county - it was over 120 priests (that we know of.) And the problem ran rampant for so many years. Why do so many of our priests have this… Proclivity?

I do take partial responsibility. My faith in the Church was something those bishops were trying to maintain when they shuffled around these cretins, and my donated money went to paying their salaries, for their bogus treatments, and to hush money for victims. We here all played a role - an unwitting one - but we heard rumors about priests who were creeps and rolled our eyes. Even in the early 80s, my anti-Catholic grandmother would tell the joke “Why did Father O’Malley go to Kmart? Because little boy’s pants were half off!” So it wasn’t like no one had a clue.

And now this:

So, so disappointing. Beyond that. Totally demoralizing. I pray for whatever needs to happen to heal this wound. I have no idea what it’s going to take.

I think to some extent certain men saw the priesthood as an opportunity to have access to the boys. As for your anti-Catholic grandmother’s joke? I’m not so sure people “knew”. I suspect that that joke was just that…an anti-Catholic joke of which there were (and continue to be) many. Unfortunately, in this case, it’s accurate (wrt to some priests of course).

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