More EU Lunacy: Robots Should Pay Social Security Taxes For The Pensions They Won't Get


As Bismark pointed out the law is like sausage – often yummy and useful but you really don’t want to watch either being made. At which point we’ve got the joy of watching the European Union try to make law concerning the rise of the robots as they come to steal all our jobs. One of the suggestions, one of the more ludicrous suggestions, being that robots should pay social security taxes for all the social security benefits they won’t get. What they really mean of course is that anyone who has the temerity to employ robots should be paying higher taxes for said temerity. And when we put it this way we caqn see what a ludicrous suggestion it is. It’s as if factories should pay more in tax because they use machines – a rigorous enforcement of which would mean both more being done by human grunt labour and us all being vastly poorer of course.


I have a Roomba, does that count?


Of course, robots should pay into the system to A) help support those who’ve lost their jobs to them and B) to help keep pensions going for the future. Of course, since more grunt labor will be the only choice for more people, there will be less incentive for immigrants looking for work since the natives will be preferred, and likely making less money.

Lunacy indeed.



This isn’t ‘EU Lunacy’, it’s a draft of a motion from a committee of the European Parliament for consideration by the European Parliament.

The motion faces an uphill battle to win backing from the various political blocks in European Parliament. Even if it did get enough support to pass, it would be a non-binding resolution as the Parliament lacks the authority to propose legislation.

Even if one disapproves of the draft motion, I’d suggest that it does raise questions that might have to be considered as time goes by, even if not in the manner suggested.


Robots are devices, nothing more. Even if they appear humanoid and have some adaptive programming, they are still devices.



Once we get to the technology level where bipedal humanoid type robots are possible, this should provide an entire new industry for all kinds of workers, everything from low level assemblers all the way up to the most advanced computer positions.

I think we are about 10-20 yrs away from this, but it could happen sooner if someone comes up with an effective AI that actually functions. Im sure they will start out being very expensive, only the top 1% will own them, but over time, just like everything else, they will be owned by almost everyone, whether to help around the house, yard or grounds work, or just to provide company for lonely people who cannot get out of the house.

However NO robot should have to pay taxes for work they do, this would not make sense imo.


Bipedal humanoid robots exist. Honda has ASIMO:

And Hitachi has joined the fray:


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