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This is from a daily news feed that I get:

State lawmaker offers proposal for resolving past cases of child sexual abuse.
A week before the state House of Representatives returns to voting session – during which child sex abuse legislation is expected to be on legislators’ “to do” list – a state lawmaker unveiled his proposal for what he says is a comprehensive solution to the thorny issue of addressing past cases of child sexual abuse, all without costly and time-consuming litigation.

On the same day, parents of children in the Roman Catholic Church and survivors of sexual abuse by clergy filed a lawsuit in Pittsburgh against Pennsylvania’s eight dioceses and their bishops. The suit doesn’t seek any money; it’s attempting to compel the dioceses to release information about abuse allegations.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments in a different, but similar, case, regarding the names that were redacted – at least temporarily - from the state grand jury report about clergy sexual abuse. The new lawsuit filed in Pittsburgh identifies those redactions as one of the items they wish to have undone. Constitutional due process concerns have been raised about the grand jury report’s inclusion of names of individuals who have not been charged with misconduct or abuse.


I would be OK with this IF and only IF it also applied to all Public Schools, Private Schools, other religions, and every organization that works with Children (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc)

The Catholic Church is NOT the only group that has this issue, and our issues are surely less than other groups, esp public schools.


Pray the rosary.


That’s a good point if they want to stop child abuse they would try to stop it everywhere not just the Catholic Church.


What are the particulars? If it is something that can’t pass muster with the protections in the Bill of Rights, it is just a frivolous exercise in political grandstanding, which they are quite good at here in Pennsylvania.


State lawmakers unveil proposals all the time. Most of them don’t succeed at all or only succeed in a wildly different form. I’ll get excited when I see something closer to the finish line.


'Tis the season.

There is nothing saying you can’t pretend to ignore the Constitution, as long as you don’t actually do it.

It seems like I remember that one piece of legislation that was crafted to only cover the Catholic Church was ruled unconstitutional for that very reason. If I find it, I will post it.


The first part, regarding legislation should cover schools, other religions and not just children.

It’s parents of Catholic school children and victims of clergy that are filing that suit. Parents of children in public schools, victims of teachers, coaches, etc. can file their own suits in court. No one is stopping them.


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What are the particulars?

I don’t know, haven’t bothered to look it up. There are only 10 days left in the legislative session. There’s very little chance that anything will get done, especially anything that’s a “new” idea.


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