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School censors Christmas
from student performance
But superintendent leaves references
to Hanukkah, Kwanzaa

Posted: December 10, 2004
1:00 a.m. Eastern

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An elementary school in Oklahoma pulled all references to Christmas from its holiday play at the last minute, but left in references to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

The superintendent overseeing Lakehoma Elementary School in Mustang, Okla., banned a nativity scene and the song “Silent Night” from the presentation, which was scheduled for last night, citing fears that non-Christians might be offended and file suit against the school. However, a parent reported that students sang the song at the matinee performance of the program yesterday despite the school’s decision.

Superintendent Karl Springer nixed the Christian reference based on a recommendation from the school district’s attorney, the Associated Press reported.

“Including Christmas in the play does not violate any law,” Brent Olsson, an attorney in Oklahoma City allied with Alliance Defense Fund, said in the statement. “It is a myth that the so-called ‘separation of church and state’ requires officials to suppress the celebration of Christmas in the public schools.”

Continued Olsson: “Ninety-six percent of Americans celebrate Christmas. If the superintendent is truly concerned about offending someone, then he just made a very wrong decision.”

Springer told Eyewitness News of Oklahoma City he was concerned about violating the law since the play highlights the Christian tradition of Christmas above other religious and cultural traditions.

“I just could not break the law,” Springer said. “We may have sins of omission occasionally, but we won’t have sins of commission. If I know about something that I believe to be against the law, (then) we will take action on it.”

Parent Shelley Lewallen was outraged by the superintendent’s action.

“My daughter plays the piano, and she sings ‘Silent Night’ to me. … I love that Christmas song,” Lewallen told the TV station. “What is that offending? Who is that making so mad that you had to take it out of a fifth-grade program?”

AP reported a group of parents were planning a silent protest by staging a nativity scene on private property across from Mustang High School auditorium, where the play was to take place.

As WorldNetDaily reported, a high school principal in the Seattle area canceled a dramatic performance of Charles Dickens’ classic “A Christmas Carol,” partly because he feared it would raise questions about the place of religion in public schools.

May I suggest that the next fund raiser this school has that all the Christian parents tell them to get the money and time commitment from the non-Christian parents. Run for school board or attend the board meetings and let them know what you think and if they don’t support you don’t support them or any of their projects. We should not discriminate against any other religion but we should not stand for discrimination against us either.

I still think the best move is to cancel the day off for all Federal employees, and all Federal offices should be open for business as usual.

[quote=Steve Girone]I still think the best move is to cancel the day off for all Federal employees, and all Federal offices should be open for business as usual.

Let’s have them open on Saturday and Sunday also. After all they are religious days. They could give people alternative days off, like Tuesday and Wednesday. I want the DMV open 24/7 and I want my mail on Sunday.

The ACLJ is on 'em.

It’s not just schools that are involved in such silliness - it’s busiinesses as well. This morning I heard on the radio that one business has been forced to rename their Christmas Party (totally unacceptable) Holiday Party (equally unacceptable) by a Jehovah Witness employee. The Christmas/Holiday Party is now called the Employee Appreciation Party. :hmmm:


There, I feel much better.
Hey, folks, we have to take our culture back. A local high school cancelled “A Christmas Carol.” You know, “God bless us every one.” Ands it’s everywhere.
And has anyone seen the piece in “The Natioinal Catholic Register,” where Denver had to exclude the little Christian church’s float from the “Holiday Parade?” The quote from one of the organizers was, I’m not kidding, "We had to exclude them for the sake of inclusion."
Of course, we all know that the problem runs much deeper than this. The secular Christophobes are ever diligent in eliminating God from every part the culture.
WE MUST STOP THEM. Pack school board meetings, write letters to the editor, sponsor parallel plays, parties and celebrations and advertise them.
Values might’ve won the election (we still don’t have a governor in Washington), but we can’t sit on, er, rest on our laurels.
Stay alert and busy. Counter every ridiculous, asinine (I can say that, cant I?), stupid thing they do. Flood your congressman’s and senator’s e-mails with support for the Boy Scouts on military bases.
We can’t stop now.

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