More Good Friday Questions


OK. As a revert who never really did much to commemorate Good Friday (see my post on fasting), I’m a little unfamiliar with (for lack of a better way to say it) what’s expected of a “good Catholic”.

I’m not being scrupulous here. I just wish to do my duty, but not for the sake of “getting it out of the way”; rather, I expect that my duty is the best place to start.

Some observations:

  1. I should fast, as well as abstain from meat.

  2. I should not socialize excessively.

  3. I should not use this as a day to get caught up on grading, lesson plans, etc.

  4. I should not go to a ballgame with my dad.

  5. I should spend ample time in prayer and reflection.

Some questions:

  1. I have friends in town who’d like to meet for lunch. That seems like as good a time as any for my one full meal, but I don’t wish to cross the line as far as having a good time goes.

  2. There’s a Stations service at noon and a Passion service at 3:00. I know today is not a Holy Day of Obligation, but should I attend both, or is one acceptable?

  3. If so, which would be preferable?

  4. If I elect to go only to one of those services, I don’t think I’ve sinned, but is it selfish to do so?

Alright, I admit this does sound a bit like scrupulizing… :blush:



I guess since it is getting a bit later. If the friends are in town and thats out of the ordinary, go out with them. Take the Joyful mystery of the Visitation to that meeting, take that back into your prayerful reflection of the weeks, sorrowful mystreries. Reflect on that during the day.

If you have other obligations needed for you life, do those too. Take the solemnity of the day, but be the salt in this world, showing them how beautiful it is to be Catholic.



Yep. Not a moral issue (as in, it is not sinful); it just fails to pay attention to what the day is about; remembering His death.

Most people now have to work; at least, out here in the West. Used to be you got time off. Work is not immoral on this day, but if you have the freedom to do otherwise, great.

Maybe yes, maybe no. If you can do that at other times, then maybe no. If he is in town only for today, maybe you should go; when will you see him again?

Might be a good day to rent the video of the Passion that Gibson did.

You seem to have an interesting view of what it means to be a Catholic Christian… would you do so if it was the day your dad died? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Yes, you are getting scrupulous.


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