More help from the Infant Jesus of Prague


we’ve too, been praying an ongoing novena to the Little Infant Jesus of Prague (beginning Jan 2 of 2008) for help with finances. He has helped us, too-- to reorganize our finances, to become much better stewards of our resources (lots of good threads about that at the beginning of the year) husband has gotten a little extra overtime, a beloved family member sent us some gas cards to fill our tanks and … drum roll, please…

despite the daycare slump our single-state recession has inflicted on us, I recveived, just last week, another good-paying part-time daycare kid. she’s the same age as my little girl, they play nicely in the mornings then her school bus picks her up for school. then we all have four hours together before our afternoon kid comes.

additionally this has been helping our finances because it FORCES me to get up very early in the morning, giving me an uninterrupted chance to get dinner started. then i can plan my day without hurry and make sure an inexpensive AT-HOME dinner happens instead of an expensive out-there dinner.


Praise God! :extrahappy: He loves to reward us when we place our trust in Him.


I’m so happy for you Monicatholic!!

I was just listening to Relevant Radio last night – the Drew Mariani show – and they had a segment about the devotion to the Infant Jesus and they were saying what a powerful devotion it is!

I think we’ve both seen that firsthand! :slight_smile: Praise God!!


It’s hard to get the good paying ones!!! YAHOO!


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