More hostile messages from John MacArthur


John MacArthur is at it again. This time, instead of attacking Catholics, he is attacking Orthodox Christians. He says: “These last few days over in the former Soviet Union, I was reminded again that the greatest persecutor of the truth there, the greatest persecutor of the truth there, the most aggressive enemy of the church in the former Soviet Union, particularly in the nation of Russia, is the orthodox Christian church, those who call themselves the true Christians. Russian orthodoxy is an apostate form of Christianity, without God, without Christ, without the truth, without life, and has set itself up as the source of truth and aggressively assaults those who indeed proclaim the truth.”


Apparently he has enough hate and ignorance to go around. I’ve been enlightened recently on the dishonest and sneaky tricks imployed by some of the evangelical missionaries in Russia. The Eastern Chrisitanity forum speaks on this from time to time.


Well, his church has had so-called “evangelization” of Catholics for many years now. It does not surprise me that he is now proselytzing the Orthodox. They must have some type of active mission in Russia if he commented on having been to Russia recently.

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