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Hi I wasn’t sure where to post this lol

Hi My names Felipe, I’ve used this forum before but I had my own thoughts and question to ask.

I was thinking tonight, and had a really great conversation with Jesus outside about something personal. I had a realization that the secret to being truly a Catholic is all about remembering who Jesus was, how he lived and what he spoke. I’ve been a devout Catholic my whole life and for some reason tonight it really hit me that Jesus has been right by me this whole time; a mentor, a protector, a guide, and the truest friend I’ve ever had. I sometimes get so caught up in the grandness of who he was that I forgot he was also the one rooting for me, and never ever ever left me alone. I strive to be like that! Always there! Willing to help, ready to comfort!

Ok so here’s the question I have now.

Do we, as a church ok, forget about Jesus? I sometimes get caught up on the RULES.(not that I disagree!!!). But you know, living in 2019 it’s hard too remember that we also have obligations as disciples of Christ. Are we kind and do we heavily encourage it? Do we really extend a helping hand to those who need it? The way Jesus told us to be is how we attack the enemy! Not just following doctrine. Jesus was sent to us not just to save us but to also show us how to BE. God Incarnate was the ultimate guide to salvation. ACTUAL salvation. Because, I hate to say it but I’ve known some Catholics who know the laws but are so cold-hearted. Or, I guess that’s not nice, but very… just so un-Jesus.

I think sometimes we do forget what our Lord said to us to do. And I just wish we could be actual disciples of Christ and be fishermen of men. Through compassion, through love; through our way of living. That we ALL can pour so much love to each and everyone we encounter! That they see it! That they want it! That they know, it’s easier than they think!

I pray for our church to NEVER EVER forget who we are, and that each of us have the boldness and strength of Jesus as he had, in his own era of total darkness. Remember! He we the change, he was the difference!


No. He’s the main guest at every Mass.
How could we forget him?

I think it’s not so much that people forget about Jesus, unless it’s a case of them getting so annoyed or frustrated they momentarily forget. But people have different ideas how to carry out the teaching of Jesus.

It’s very simplistic to say “Be kind.” Sure, we shouldn’t insult or yell at people, but one person might think it kind to give a homeless person 10 dollars and another might think it kind to refuse, say a prayer for the person, and tell them to go to a shelter for a meal.


Thats not at all what I meant, by either of what you said. We all know he;s at the mass because yeah the Eucharist, but Im not taling about ceremonies and obligatory praise. Im talking about the lay actually living the word of Christ. If you think giving 10 bucks to a homeless man is what Jesus meant by being kind then you really dont get it. Ok, you then, what do you do for the poor that is an act of love? what do you do to a homeless man? If you dont do anything that is above and beyond, that you unselfishly DO whether or not it inconveniences you or makes you feel uncomfortable, then I guess that answers my question.

Im guilty of it too, and I am hoping for a relvival in all of us to actually LIVE his commandment: Love one another. Not “oh pray for him, give him an address and he should be ok and hope Jesus takes care of him”.


What else would you want us do to?

You are also completely forgetting the agency of the other person. Homeless people, those who suffer from mental illnesses, those who suffer from domestic violence, those who suffer from drug addiction are their own people, with their own hopes and dreams.

We can’t go up to them and dictate to them what they should do, or what we expect them to do, or for them to conform into our expectation of appreciation or acceptance of help.

If they ask us for a tenner, and we jot down a soup kitchen that’s open today as well, and when we walk off we say a prayer for them—that’s amazing! You met someone on the level they wanted to be met. If you do this once a week, and they open up to you, perhaps you can be a friend for them.

Jesus journeys with all of us. :blossom:


Probably not a good way to start out on a forum you just joined by coming on here, preaching how the Church has forgotten Jesus, and telling people who respond to you they “really don’t get it.”

You completely missed the point of my giving an example. I’d suggest maybe you want to read what Matthew Kelly said in his “Biggest Lie” book about “Holy Moments”.

Good luck with this thread, bye


Yes, but that’s not shocking at all. It’s just the way it’s always been and always will be. It’s the reason Jesus stays with individuals like yourself, and the reason the Holy Spirit is here to help guide the Church.


I think there are really two different things here.

  1. Are people forgetting or ignoring what Jesus taught? Yes, I think some do. However, I also think there are a lot of different interpretations regarding what Jesus expects in select situations. For example: is it ok to give a homeless person $10 when you are afraid they will use it to buy booze or drugs? Or would it be better not to give them the money and simply say “may God be with you,” or give them a sandwich?
  • For example: sometimes I see homeless asking for money outside a local Wawa (they are awesome convenience stores). I will sometimes ask them if they would like a sandwich and I buy them one. There was another time that I had leftovers from a restaurant and I saw a homeless person asking for money. I told the person I didn’t have money, but offered them my left overs.
  1. Now the next question is: can we all be doing more? And the answer is 100% yes. We all could be doing more. We all have a tendency to do the bare minimum. Christ doesn’t ask use to give the bare minimum. He asks us to give 100%. However, he doesn’t damn us from doing the bare minimum, but our time in purgatory might be longer if we always do the bare minimum.

I hope this helps.

God Bless


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