More JWs turn Catholic!!


Yesterday, I went over to my SIL’s house. She was DF’d over a year ago, and I asked her if she still considered herself a JW. She answered no. In fact, she answered that she believes in the Trinity and asked me to help her back into Catholicism!! :smiley: My mouth dropped open wide :bigyikes: I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She asked if I could get a priest to talk to her so she can find out what she needs to do to come back to the Church. She’s been confirmed so I told her she only needed to confess and that if she needed help in understanding the Church that she could take the RCIA classes. She said she knows everything she needs to know to come back. She told me that this past Sunday she had the urge to go to Mass, but didn’t know how to do it. I told her that I can take her with me. She also asked if my grandmother could teach her how to pray the rosary. This is such a huge step… My prayers are working even faster than I expected!!! :smiley:

Then, my big surprise was that her mother (my MIL) called her, and they were both talking about this. Just note, this is the woman who converted her family to JWism. She was Catholic up to 13 yrs ago, and guess what??? She is back to Catholicism as well!! I felt so happy, I still can’t believe it, when I think about it I feel like crying. Her mom is back and more devout than ever!! She was DF’d from the JWs a few months ago, and I didn’t know why. Now I know why. She said that for the past 4 yrs she wanted to get back to the Church but didn’t dare to leave because she didn’t want to lose her friends. She realized they weren’t her friends so there she is, back in the CC!!

One thing she mentioned to us yesterday was that she has been getting these dreams (she calls them visions) that all her kids will get back to the CC, and she is so convinced that it’s going to happen that she is giving me so much hope. Not because of her dream, but because the one person I thought would never convert back actually did. I never thought she’d get back to Catholicism, 2 are back, 3 to go… I’m EXTREMELY HAPPY!! :bounce: Now I know more people are praying that my DH comes back to the CC. Now my family and his family, plus all the kind people who told me they’d keep us in their prayers. :gopray2:

Oh, and get this, my SIL is so serious about this, she already signed up for a rosary prayer group on Wednesdays. She asked me to go with her, I guess for support. She feels a bit strange going back, but she has me here to help her out.


I am correcting something I wrote on my OP. I meant she knows all about the CC, but doesn’t know if she needs to go through a process to come back. I don’t think she does, except for confessing… any thoughts?


I am correcting something I wrote on my OP. I meant she knows all about the CC, but doesn’t know if she needs to go through a process to come back. I don’t think she does, except for confessing… any thoughts?

If she left with full knowledge and intent she may be excommunicated. She should speak to a Priest to see if she needs to get an excommunication lifted.


She was 8 when her family converted. The pastor at my parish said my DH only had to confess if he wanted to come back to the CC since he was 10 when they converted, so I’m guessing it applies to her as well.


wow! Thank you so much for sharing. I am happy for your friends and her family - keep praying for all to convert to Catholics.

Sounds like the family can share her stories on jschwehm’s (Jeff on CAF) website:


I am correcting something I wrote on my OP. I meant she knows all about the CC, but doesn’t know if she needs to go through a process to come back. I don’t think she does, except for confessing… any thoughts?

take a look at this from ask an apologist, maybe it will help:

if your sister in law is married, she will need to be granted a dispensation i believe in order to receive Holy Communion.
I don’t think she has to go to RCIA because she has been
confirmed already. What she needs to do is talk to a priest
about her whole situation. If you know a priest, then take her
to one. Perhaps she might want you to go with her?

Just an idea.

But iam delighted to hear that she is away from the villians
at the falsetower. just remember, things will take time with her. she might be a bit leery, so talk to her in little bits and pieces about the faith.

i prayed over Christmas that just 1 jw would leave the faith.
perhaps my prayers have been answered!

God bless you, and your SIL!

oh and since she was 8, she would not have full knowledge.
so there is no chance for her to be excommunicated. do not worry about it. :thumbsup:



Have your SIL email me at

We would love to meet her and her mother.

Jeff S.


I know that some of you are very knowledgeable about the laws of the church but can I get a big Alleluia for this story? yessisan, I am so happy for you. I will say a prayer for your family that all turns out okay.





Praise God, this is really indeed a great news.


Very great news indeed!! :thumbsup:

Today my SIL and I are going to a rosary prayer session so she can learn how to pray it and use it. Also, I have the “Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth” tract I want to share with her. And since I am a catechist, I have some little prayer books made up for the kids which contain the Creed, the Hail Mary, Our Father, and a few other prayers. She told me she forgot the Hail Mary, so this might be of some help.

Marilena, she’s not married so she won’t need a dispensation.

I saw her last night and she told me she really wants to talk to a priest, so I’m going to call the rectory and see if the Hispanic pastor is available sometime, she doesn’t speak English very well. One thing though is that she is having a problem about confessing. She is still traumatized from the JWs and the way they’d confess. I told her she doesn’t even have to look at the priest, that she can use the anonymous confessional, and that the priest will not judge her or reprimand her, I told her he will not humiliate her. But even after this she is hesitating… Any ideas of how I can convince her it’s nothing like the JW confession at all?

Oh, and she also reminded me that she wants to go to Mass with me this Sunday. Since I attend English Mass I have to take her to another Church for a Spanish Mass, but to help her, I’ll do whatever it takes. This is what I have been praying for ever since I married my DH last March.

This shows us that God answers prayers all the time.





God is truly great! :slight_smile:

Remind your sister when she’s in the Confessional, Jesus will be there with open arms.

I can imagine all the rejoicing in Heaven today!



My shul just had a member convert from Catholicism. So you guys are still even :wink:


Well, in my case it’s 2 JWs to Catholicism… :smiley:


Maybe they are going in undercover. Watch 'em carefully!


Valke2, just curious,
was your Catholic convert to Judaism
born a Jew but raised Catholic and converted to Judaism?
Cuz I know that happens sometimes.

Jaypeeto3 (aka Jaypeeto4)


I just got through reading this to my fiance. The stories are strikingly similar, in terms of a family situation being the catalyst for the falling away from the Catholic Church and into the cult. In my fiance’s case (Mormon) she was a young adult when she followed her father and younger brother into Mormonism.

Well, this is terrific news. And, if I were to share with you all that has happened, and is happening, along very similar lines, with my fiance, and even her family now, this would be a long post. I just wanted to say that it appears you are handling this very well. This is your family member, and you know better than anyone how to approach it, step by step. I will suggest, however, that it may be a little early for confession. It may even be too early for her to sit down with a priest. In the case of my fiance, it has been about a year of going to Mass, not taking communion, praying the Rosary, hearing instruction from me and off EWTN, etc, before she finally went to confession about 3 months ago. I’m not sure her sitting down with a priest a year ago would have been productive. The process of getting back in touch with the conscience can be a long one, as well as gaining confidence that Reconciliation is not an accusatory event. From what you say, she is in fear of this.

I will pray. Your family will be in my thoughts in adoration tonight, and at Mass tomorrow morning, and when my fiance and I pray the Rosary. I share your happiness, as we all do. God has been working in the lives of these people, and He won’t let them down after bringing them this far, you can be sure. The best part, though, is that your witness undoubtedly has been the catalyst, so you should be double happy, and even proud to have been such a good Christian.


Hi Allweather,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You know, my SIL actually wants to talk to the priest for guidance. She’s the one who wants to confess as well. She told me she needs to recceive the Eucharist to be able to feel comfortable again. She want to get a peace of mind I guess.

Either way, she’s happy to accept the CC as her home! :smiley:


I’m so angry! I just received a call from my SIL (Diana) and she told me that her older sister (Christie) is never going to allow me, Diana or my MIL to influence my DH on coming back to the CC. :mad: I am furious. I cannot believe that Christie would actually pull that on us. I have never said anything to my DH about coming back to the CC, but she said she’s going to make sure he goes to ALL their meetings and that we don’t try to pull him out of the WBTS. Christie has no right to get in our life :mad: As a JW she’s worried her family is becoming “apostate” , but she knew I was Catholic before I married her little brother. Now she’s trying to turn him against me (thing Diana told me). :mad: Diana said Christie wants DH and I to divorce.

What can I do? I don’t know if I can handle this…

No wonder she calls him 4-5 times a day every single day.

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