'More lace, more grace'


What’s your preferred about of lace in a priest’s vesture?

  • Greater than 1 foot
  • Around 6 inches
  • Around 3 inches
  • None - I don’t like lace in liturgical vesture for (reason below)
  • No preference

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How frequently should it be used?

  • Never, I don’t like lace for (comment below)
  • On a Daily Mass basis
  • Only on Sundays
  • Only on Solemnities and High Holy Days
  • No preference

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Where is the “I don’t have a preference” option? :thinking:


You forgot the option, “The vestments are made entirely of lace.” :stuck_out_tongue:


< 1 foot would suffice haha. That kinda includes the amazing albs most Trad priests wear.


I think the ICKSP have ones where the entire bottom is lace. As nice as it would be to see it on a regular basis, I bet they’re quite expensive and would be a pain to clean.


You mean the ones where it’s essentially a surplice with 4 feet of sheer lace at the bottom? Yeah… those are beautiful, but they’re a) a bit feminine/Victoria’s Secret for me and b) I’d be terrified of putting my foot through it at a genuflection or kneeling, or tearing it when walking or lifting my ‘skirts’


I am not a fan a fancy liturgical garb. I like simple lines and not a lot of ornamentation or embroidery.
Lace is too frivilous for me, and much too difficult to take care of if one wants it to wear well.


That’s what the MC/Deacon is for! :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think I could trust myself with a $500 dollar item of such fragility, let alone an MC or Deacon. :smiley:


But your chaucible is going to cost at least $1,000, no matter how you slice it, never mind if you buy one that includes the matching maniple. The amico will be a pretty penny too, along with your biretta. Priests have managed the lace before you, they will continue to do so after you!



I’d probably get 6 inches or something around there, as, if I am ordained, I’d be doing both OF and EF


No, the good sisters are the ones who managed vestments for a long time.
And since they are far & few between and have charisms that go much deeper than washing the priests liturgical garb, I don’t see vestments that are high maintenance coming back into style for the general population of Catholics anytime soon.


That’s not quite what I meant by managed, but yes, I can believe that they did. I admit lace is high maintenance.


Hey, someone needs to frequent the Catholic dry-cleaners in the area haha


Does anyone even know how “liturgical lace” originated, and why it was considered appropriate for men to wear lace?


I think just out of a desire to give God the best in the liturgy. Why do we have golden chalices or beautiful vestments?


New Advent has a page on it!



Greater than 1 foot. In fact, I would only really be satisfied if the whole alb was lace.


I don’t think that’s even realistic…

Even the largest ones I have seen have been the


What a long article about lace. That’s amazing!

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