'More lace, more grace'


I know. I was (kind of) kidding.


It should be worn of all Sundays and all solemnities & High Holy Days. The higher the liturgical day ranks, the more lace there should be.


But why, just why? In what way is lace linked to giving God glory - particularly in that while portions of lace are visible, lace albs are essentially undergarments for chasubles and dalmatics, so I would presume the most visible vestment should be that which has the primary focus.


Depends on the chasuble. The EF uses fiddleback ones, which shows a lot of the alb.


Because it signifies the fact that this garment is not an ordinary one, but rather one created for the service of God at the altar, and his inherent glorification.


I’m not a fan of the lace. It just doesn’t seem right for a man to wear it. It looks off to me. I understand that lace can signify something special or extraordinary but aesthetically it has no appeal to me as far as clergy wearing it.


Men historically wore more decorated garments than women for thousands of years. Heck, check out our Founding Fathers. They wore lace everywhere, jeweled shoes, plenty of jewelry, powdered wigs, cosmetics and perfume.

It was the men who went from the long robes and tunics to pants/breeches, who first used buttons, who had the more opulent coats and cloaks, etc.


And it was men who did things like knitting, including lace knitting. You didn’t get women in the guilds; the masters and the guildsmen and the apprentices were men.


I’ve seen some nice ones online for a lot less than that. Now a Priest did tell us once that Cassocks are NOT cheap at all, and they must be durable and wearable so they can last.


And you know, there are still plenty of us women around who are tired of eternal spaghetti suppers and would be glad to work on altar linens and vestments. Plus, after all those spaghetti suppers, we know a LOT about getting out stains !


Men should leave lacey clothes to the ladies .


It depends

https://www.psgvestments.com/cassocks-and-robes/roman-cassocks/black-roman-cassock-with-black-trims-and-shoulder-cape.html ($150)
http://www.almy.com/Product2/zc0003122/category/CassocksForMen/parent/ClergyApparel-Man (Around $300)

Honestly, no more than a good-quality suit, and, remember, cassocks are way more merciful to expanding waistlines than suits.


OK this may seem a bit of a “stupid” question but HOW do Priests who wear Cassocks & even their black clerical clothes keep them SO clean? I mean I wear black pants often and they pick up everything they possibly can. But I have NEVER seen a Priest in a Cassock or clericals that has even a speck of lint on it-----NOT that I’ve looked a Priest in a cassock or clericals up & down. Just something I’m curious about.





No or little good lace is better than an abundance of cheap poly lace.


"39 buttons
39 buttons are used by some Anglican denomination,the 39 buttons are thought to represent the 39 Articles of Faith. "

INTERESTING—I knew about the 33 buttons on Cassocks but didn’t know about the 39. Also the 5 buttons on the cuff for the 5 wounds of Christ but what do the 7 buttons on the cuffs represent.


@GKMotley may know…?


Maybe the Sacraments?


I do like the lace! I believe the one wearing the lace should decide when to wear and how to wear the lace. All is good here. Peace.


Oh shoot! I didn’t know they could be that cheap. Thanks for showing us this!

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