More Lenten Mission Audio

If you’ve never heard Father Isaac Mary Relyea preach then you’re missing out! This week he’s in Kansas City to give a mission on the Four Last Things. The audio of the mission is being made available on the web – take advantage of it!

Sunday’s prelude to the mission:

parvenu74, I couldn’t get your first link to work. Just thought you should know, if there’s a problem with the link/website.

The next installment of the parish mission was given tonight. The theme of the mission is the four last things; tonight’s sermon was on death.

The audio posting page has been cleaned up and there’s a podcast link now as well (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Web page:

Podcast link:

thanks for these links! :slight_smile:
are there anymore audios of Father Isaac Mary Relyea?

I don’t know if there are any more audio links of his anywhere on the 'net. I only know of this one because he came to the parish and I recorded and am uploading the audio. Speaking of the mission: it is complete now and the audio is uploaded. From Father Relyea: listen to the sermons and spread them far and wide.

CD-grade versions of the audio from the Mission are now available for everyone. The domain name is changed now:

Just to clear something up that was asked of me by someone else: does Father know this audio is on the web for free when there is a site on the net selling CD’s of a previous mission? Yes, he knows: I spoke to him about it two nights ago and he wants this audio up and available to anyone who wants it. The other CD’s are seven years old so this is the “updated” edition and he wants it to be the reference copy. All he asks in return is that you pray for him.

Thank you for posting these talks. I have listened to most of them and they are great! Father Releya has a true zeal for souls.

Do you know if he followed up on his comment about siblings sleeping in the same bed and that being sinful? I had never heard that before anywhere and was hoping he would clarify.


Well, as he said in the sermon, he hadn’t ever heard that before either, and it didn’t make sense until he started hearing confessions. That’s enough to tell me that I don’t want to know the details and will trust the good priest on this point.

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