More lesbian couples becoming moms

More lesbian couples becoming moms

C.W. Nevius

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Frederique Clermont and Ximena Delgado chose the father of their two children from a list. They know his height, his education (Delgado wanted a man with a post-graduate degree), his ethnic background, and whether his hair is curly or straight.

But they don’t know his name.

Clermont, a vivacious program coordinator for a jobs program in the city, likes to say that she and her partner are “a subset of a subset” - a lesbian couple that has given birth by artificial insemination.

While they may not be the typical American family, Clermont and Delgado represent a growing trend in motherhood, what UC Berkeley associate Professor Charis Thompson calls “the LGBT baby boom.” And San Francisco is home to the ground-breaking, Pacific Reproductive Services, where the center’s director says 85 to 90 percent of her clients are lesbians.


Certainly an ever changing society, which we live in.

A society in which kids are increasingly denied fathers.

Earlier this evening I had already read all of the article that I could stomach before feeling ill.

Major gross-out. Same old thing: Reproductive Brave New World. And utter selfishness to create children deprived of fathers.

I recently re-read the article from '02 or '03, published by the American College of Pediatrics, which refutes the pop psychology that both genders are not material to the security and full, integrated development of the child. It’s not a Catholic document, but a secular one.

Here’s the motto of the people who choose this route: “I have a right to children, but my children don’t have a right to full parenting.” Of course, they get to do this because of the assistance of their medical co-conspirators.

Dearly Beloved Freinds,

In today;s morally degenerate world the increasing prevalence of homosexual perversions and unnatural family set ups, which are complacently regarded by the avante-garde as alternative variants, is a dreadful mark of God’s wrath upon a civilisation that unashamedly glories in its post-Christian character.

Warmest good wishes,


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