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Pax Christi:

I have a few more questions about rather precise aspects of how to pray the four volume Liturgy of the Hours set.

Firstly, on Sundays, the hymn for the Office of Readings has in the rubrics that an antiphon must be said. I cannot find where the antiphon for the Sunday Office of Readings hymn is. Am I missing something or making a silly mistake?

Secondly, would someone kindly tell me when during Morning and Evening prayer is the “Glory Be” meant to be said?

Finally, if one is praying Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, and the Office of Readings, is it recommended to also engage in personal prayer as well? I find the Liturgy of the Hours spiritually enriching, but wonder if it is also necessary for me to engage in other prayer during the day - I know that one is not obliged to do any of this, but is it recommended to also engage in personal prayer as well?

Thanks very much for putting up with my many questions, and God Bless.

At the beginning (after “God, come to my assistance./Lord, make haste to help me”), after each psalm, and after the Gospel canticle.

Of course!


The antiphon is the first three lines (looking at tomorrow, 2/2/2020): Sion, sing, break into song! (etc). My page 1344, Presentation of the Lord. If reciting the weekly Sunday Office of readings, it will be the first lines.

I was taught "God, Come to… then the Glory be, alleluia, the hymn, then the antiphon and first Psalm. Glory be before the Psalm-prayer, then Psalm-prayer, then antiphon. Repeat, rinse… then reading, then Responsory with truncated Glory be; antiphon from Proper of the Seasons, Canticle, Glory be, antiphon. intercessions, Our Father, prayer from Proper of the Seasons, and conclusion.

Personal prayer: I always add my own intercessions (prayer for my family, deceased,etc.).

As to any other personal prayer, all are encouraged, None are “required”. And I generally make those a bit distinct from the office. Just me.

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Can’t believe I missed it! I thought it was part of the hymn and that the antiphon was nowhere to be seen - thanks for pointing it out.

I might suggest a great resource that helped me some years ago when I was trying to learn how to properly pray the Liturgy of the hours. It is written in a very approachable style and does not talk down to you, make you feel like an idiot, etc.


A resource I used when first starting is:

You can print it for free of go to their sight and buy a spiral bound copy for a nominal fee.



page 2 of that has a copyright. You sure that is free to put online?

Check out the main web site. When I got it, the page said you could D/L it, print it or order it from them. There are enough pages where buying it was cheaper than printing it for me.

For what it is worth,

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Another question:

For the Feast of the anniversary of the dedication of the cathedral, is the Common for the Dedication of a Church used?


Yes. As a solemnity in the cathedral itself, as a feast elsewhere in the diocese.

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Thank you.

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Is this book generic or does it focus of the 4-volume Liturgy of the Hours (LOTH) used in the USA? I live in the UK and our version of the Liturgy of the Hours, a.k.a. the Divine Office, is a 3-volume set called Divine Office. It is quite different from LOTH. I wouldn’t want to invest in a book that was meant to be a practical guide but had little practical use to me.

I’m not familiar with your office, so I can’t say 100%. I was hoping Amazon would have the look inside option available for you to look at so you could judge for yourself. I found it useful enough regardless if I used the Christian Prayer book or the 4 Volume set. It has some nice anecdotal items and good ideas on how to setup the book. I believe the author went to a monastery or convent and had them teach her.

Looking at mine though, I think you should be able to use it regardless if you have the 4 volume set or the 3 volume set. I would think the hours are the same (sorry, I don’t know). If you wouldn’t mind, could you send me a link to where I could see what the 3 volume set looks like (or if I wanted to buy one, where I could do that). It may help me with my answer better.

Thank you for replying to me.

This is one of the very problems I thought would make the book be not useful. Obviously, in many ways the office is the same. One of the differences is ours did not use the ICEL translation. One of the difficulties with using the office and one of the ways in which these books help is to tell you which page number you need to be on. Our 3-volume full version of the office is obviously going to be paginated very differently from you 4-volume full version.

I have provided a link to Volume 1 of the three-volume set on Amazon’s UK Web site. If you wanted the other two volumes just type ‘Divine Office’ in Amazon’s UK Web site (I used the advanced search function) and you’ll find the other two, on the same page of results. I haven’t found the three volumes for sale together. Anyway here’s the link to volume 1.

Could someone please kindly tell me where the Concluding Prayer for the Office of Readings is on Sundays.

Thank you!

Assuming you are using the 4 volume Liturgy of the Hours by CBPC, on page 33 of Volume 3 (OT 1-17) the rubric reads:

For Sundays in Ordinary Time the concluding prayer in all hours of the seasonal Office corresponds to the number of the Sunday.

For weekdays, the concluding prayer of the Office of Readings is the prayer of the preceding Sunday or any prayer from the following series:

It then goes on to list 34 prayers (and “Alternate Prayers”), one for each Sunday of Ordinary Time. To answer your specific question, you would use the prayer for your numbered Sunday, the same as if you were using it for Morning Prayer or Evening Prayer for that Sunday. So for Sunday, February 9, 2020 (5th Sunday of Ordinary Time), you would use the prayer (or Alternate Prayer, your choice) numbered 5 on page 35 of that volume.

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It’s the same as in Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer for that Sunday.

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Thanks for the link Tom… unfortunately, they do not have a “View inside” on the site. I was hoping to be able to see how your book is laid out.

Looking at the book that I recommended, I don’t see special references to page numbers, so I don’t know if yours having different pagination will make a difference. The author wrote it so that it could be used with the 4 volume and the 1 volume Christian Prayer book. I don’t know what your budget is, but it’s only about $8 USD new and it seems that you could get it even less in the UK for a very good used copy around £5.00. I would assume your three volume set would have all the same sections and prayers, just in only three books vs four.

I’d be interested to know where you saw it for sale at £5. Even used copies on Amazon are about £14. Anyway, it’s not the cost that’s the problem. It’s simply buying more books. My wife believes I have enough.

Here is the link on Amazon UK.

The Book Shire has one in Very Good condition for £5 and £2.79 shipping.

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